The Executive shall consist of at least eight (8) Bureau Members:

  • the President
  • the First Vice President
  • the Second Vice President
  • the Treasurer
  • the three (3) other Vice Presidents
  • the Chair of the Athletes Committee


  1. Husain AL MUSALLAM

    Date of Birth DOB
    19 May 1960

    Captain Husain Al-Musallam of Kuwait is the new FINA President since 5th June 2021.

    He was FINA First Vice-President since July 2017, after serving as Vice-President for many years. He initially joined the FINA Bureau in 1996. He received the FINA Gold Pin in recognition to his contribution to swimming at all levels throughout his life.

    Al-Musallam joined the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) Executive Board in January 2003 and is the OCA General Director (since 2005).

    Before becoming an important sports administrator, Al-Musallam debuted his career as a swimmer in the national team of Kuwait. He competed in all Pan-Arab, Asian and World Championships from 1974 to 1976.

    Husain Al-Musallam was born on May 19, 1960, in Kuwait. He is married with children and is an airline captain by profession. 

First Vice President

  1. Sam RAMSAMY

    First Vice President
    Date of Birth DOB
    27 Jan 1938

    Sam Ramsamy of South Africa is FINA First Vice-President since May 2021, after serving many years as Second Vice-President (2017-2021) Vice-President (2004-2017) and Bureau member (1996- 2004).

    Ramsamy was elected a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 1995 and served on the IOC Executive Board (2006-2014).

    Ramsamy was president of Swimming South Africa (1991-1996) and the National Olympic Committee of South Africa (1991-2004).

    Besides his active role as a sports administrator, Ramsamy was a member of the Organising Committee for the inauguration of Nelson Mandela as the first democratically elected President of South Africa. He was awarded the Order of Ikamanga by the South African Government.

    Ramsamy has over 60 years of experience in sport and was an athlete in several sports; athletics, football and swimming.

    Sam Ramsamy was born on January 27, 1938, in Durban, South Africa. Besides his teaching diplomas, he also holds a diploma of the Carnegie College of Physical Education, Leeds and is an Honorary Doctorates from the Universities of Leeds Metropolitan, Surrey and Toronto.

Second Vice President

  1. Matthew DUNN

    Second Vice President
    Date of Birth DOB
    2 Sep 1973

    Matthew Dunn of Australia is FINA Second Vice-President since May 2021.

    Already FINA Bureau Member for Oceania since 2012 (and Vice-President since 2019). Prior to this role he was a member of the FINA Athletes Commission, for which he is now the Bureau Liaison.

    Dunn is the President of the Oceania Swimming Association (OSA) and Board Member of Swimming Australia.

    Achievements as a swimmer include having represented Australia in every major swimming event from 1991 to 2000 including three Olympic Games and two FINA World Championships. Results include four World Records, eight World Short Course Gold, six Pan Pac Gold, six Commonwealth Gold and 33 National Titles.

    Dunn was awarded the Order of Australia Medal in 2009 for his contribution to Swimming.

    Matthew Dunn was born on September 2, 1973, in Sydney, Australia. He is married with three children and has extensive experience in commercial property development having worked for the World’s largest industrial property company and large private developers before focusing on his own developments. He graduated with a Masters of Commerce (Commercial Law and Accounting). 



    Date of Birth DOB
    28 Nov 1949

    Dale Neuburger of the U.S. is FINA Tresurer since May 2021.

    FINA VicePresident for the last fourth mandates, In 2015, he was elected as a member of the FINA Executive. He is also Chairman of the FINA Development Commission (since 2009), FINA Bureau Liaison to the Technical Swimming Committee (since 2005), and Chairman of the FINA Technical Swimming Commission, serving as Technical Delegate for Swimming in the 2008, 2012, and 2016 Olympic Games and the 2010, 2014 and 2018 Youth Olympic Games.

    Neuburger was the President of the Union Americana De Natacion (UANA) since July 2015 (2015-2019). 

    Neuburger is currently a Board member of US Aquatic Sports, USA Swimming, and the USA Swimming Foundation and previously served as President of United States Aquatic Sports, President of USA Swimming, and Chairman of the Board of the International Swimming Hall of Fame.

    With 30 years of experience, Neuburger was a Board member of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and a member of its Executive Committee, serving as chairman of the National Governing Bodies (NGB) Council.

    Dale Neuburger was born on November 28, 1949, in New York, USA. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in politics from Princeton University, and holds two Masters degrees from Indiana University in philanthropic studies and in public administration.

Vice President

  1. Juan Carlos ORIHUELA

    Vice President
    Date of Birth DOB
    16 May 1967

    Juan Carlos Orihuela Garcete of Paraguay is FINA Vice President since May 2021. 

    FINA Bureau Member since 2017, Orihuela is the President of the South American Confederation of Swimming (CONSANAT).

    Orihuela is the President of the Paraguayan Swimming Federation and is an Executive Committee Member of the Paraguayan Olympic Committee (COP), while he also fulfils the roles of Secretary General and Sports Director for the same organisation.

    In addition, he is the Autonomous University of Asuncion Sports Director and exercise the same role for the Paraguayan Olympic Academy.

    Juan Carlos Orihuela was born on May 16, 1967, in Asuncion, Paraguay. He is married and obtained a BA in Business Administration. 

  2. António SILVA

    Vice President
    Date of Birth DOB
    23 Oct 1969
  3. Jihong ZHOU

    Vice President
    Date of Birth DOB
    11 Jan 1965

    Zhou Jihong of China is FINA Vice President since May 2021. 

    She was FINA Bureau Member since 2015 but initially joined FINA as an Athletes Committee member (1998-2001), a Committee she chairs since 2014. She was a member of the FINA TDC (2001-2009), which she later chaired (2001- 2016).

    In parallel, Zhou chaired for six years the TDC of the Asian Swimming Federation (AASF) and is currently Vice-President and Diving Liaison of the AASF.

    Zhou was Coach of the national Diving Team of China from 1990-1997 and has been the Team Leader since 1998 up to today. She is currently the Chair of the Chinese Swimming Association (CSA).

    Zhou debuted her career as an elite diver: She finished 3rd in the women’s 10m platform event at the 4th FINA World Championships in 1982, 1st in the women’s 10 platform event at the 2nd FINA World Cup in 1983 and 1st in the 10m platform at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

    Zhou Jihong was born on January 11, 1965, in Hubei, China. She is married and has a BA in English and a Masters of Sport Training, both from Beijing Sports University. 


  1. Alia ATKINSON

    Date of Birth DOB
    11 Dec 1988


The term of office of a member of the Executive (excluding the President for whom Article 20.3 applies) is four (4) years, renewable twice. Terms served are calculated cumulatively, irrespective of any interruption of the service. If a Bureau Member is elected to a position within the Executive, any previous term served outside the Executive (i.e. as a Bureau Member) is not counted as part of the new term of office within the Executive. If an Executive Member (e.g. a Vice President) is elected to a new position within the Executive (e.g. as Treasurer), any previous term served within the Executive (e.g. as a Vice President) is counted as part of the individual’s overall term of office in the Executive.


The Executive is responsible:

  1. for dealing with all matters within the competence of the Bureau requiring immediate decision between two meetings of the Bureau;
  2. for monitoring the establishment and implementation of the annual business plan and the long-term strategic plans defined and approved by the Bureau and ensuring that audited Financial Statements are submitted to the Bureau for approval by Congress
  3. for being the interface between the Bureau, the Executive Director and the World Aquatics Office
  4. for dealing with critical issues which may impact on the outcomes of the strategy defined by the Bureau and matters requiring immediate attention between meetings of the Bureau
  5. for taking decisions in case of emergency and in any situation in which neither the Bureau nor other World Aquatics body may act
  6. for taking decisions on the application of World Aquatics Rules, in cases which are not delegated to the Aquatics Integrity Unit or another specific body of World Aquatics.

Decisions of the Executive shall be ratified in due course by the