Integrity Code 

The World Aquatics Integrity Code establishes clear integrity standards for persons involved in Aquatics, to prohibit conduct that might undermine public confidence in the integrity of Aquatics and/or in the uncertainty of outcome of events, and to establish effective mechanisms for enforcement of this Integrity Code and sanctions for its violation.

Doping Control Rules 

These Anti-Doping Rules are adopted and implemented in accordance with World Aquatics' responsibilities under the Code, and in furtherance of World Aquatics’ continuing efforts to eradicate doping in the aquatic sports.

Rules on the Protection from Harassment and Abuse

These Rules are the foundation for athlete safety, well-being and the prevention of harassment and abuse. The Rules define misconduct; create standards that set boundaries between professional and athlete members; mandatory reporting; establish a structure for investigation of complaints and their underlying circumstances; and promote greater accountability and compliance.

Safeguarding Counsel

World Aquatics also created an Athlete Safeguarding Counsel, a group of (former) athletes and experts (medical, legal) supervising the processes as described in the World Aquatics Rules On The Protection From Harassment And Abuse. The responsibility implies among others supervising correct implementation of the Rules, confidentially advising athletes on the procedures, raising awareness and advising World Aquatics Bureau and World Aquatics Executive.

Members of the Athlete Safeguarding Counsel:

  • Sarra Lajnef
  • Thiago Pereira
  • Anthony Ervin
  • Hinkelien Schreuder
  • Ashley Cox