Select Forms related to World Aquatics Members’ Duties

Member’s Change of Name

In the event of a change of name, Members are invited to notify it to World Aquatics through the following proposed Change of Name Form.

Minutes Summary

In relation to each elective general assembly, Members are invited to provide, within sixty (60) days of such general assembly, World Aquatics with the following, duly filled in and signed, Minutes Summary:

Procedure for amending the World Aquatics Member's Statute

In relation with any procedure to amend its statute, Members shall take note of the following with the aim notably to ensure the smoothest and quickest possible approval of changes to your statutes by World Aquatics:

  1. In accordance with Article 7(d) of the World Aquatics Constitution, all Members are required: "to submit their constitution or statutes, as well as any potential amendment of their constitution, to World Aquatics for approval by the Bureau". Accordingly, the draft of amended statute shall be submitted to World Aquatics before its adoption by the general assembly of the Member in order to take into consideration possible World Aquatics’ recommendations and requests;
  2. The amended statute shall be provided to World Aquatics: i. in English language (official language of World Aquatics); ii. in "word" format; iii. with amendments in track change mode; iv. accompanied with the duly filled in and signed Compliance Form (template of such form can be downloaded under);
  3. Please note that if you do not follow the above procedure (e.g. if you do not submit a completed and signed Compliance Form together with the amended statute), you will be asked to provide the missing Compliance Form or to change the format of the documents already submitted, which may unnecessarily increase the time for World Aquatics to approve the proposed changes. It is especially important to follow the word format requirement, as this format allows World Aquatics to add comments regarding clarifications to individual provisions of the amended statute. On the other hand, compliance with the above requirements will significantly ease the identification and speed up review of the proposed changes by World Aquatics.