II. 15.2 […] The use of technology and automated data collection devices is permissible for the sole purpose of collecting data. Automated devices shall not be utilised to transmit data, sounds, or signals to the swimmer and may not be used to aid their speed. Goggles may be worn. As a consequence of injury, it is permissible to tape not more than one or two fingers or toes. Any other kind of tape on the body is not permitted unless approved by the Referee or other designated person.

Open Water Swimming

III.7.5 Technology such as drones, GPS tracking, bio medical sensors or devices that record blood pressure, body temperature, stroke rate, breathing rate etc via the transponder are permitted when approved by World Aquatics The technology may transmit such information but not act as a receiver giving information and advantage to the competitor such as "smart goggles", hearing devices, and the like.

Current List of Approved Wearables

The approval process

I am a brand and I would like to have my product on the AQUA List of Approved Wearables

You must submit your Product(s) to World Aquatics should you wish to have your product approved.

How the device shall be submitted?

Please use the on-line form.


I am an athlete and I would like to use an approved device, what’s next?

Competitors must declare all wearables when reporting to the First Call Room of the World Aquatics Competitions.

Failure to declare may result in disqualification.


Should you have any questions, please contact World Aquatics Office: projects@worldaquatics.com