A three-time Olympian for Denmark, Blume reached the pinnacle of her swimming career when she won gold in the 50m freestyle at the Rio 2016 Olympics. Blume, now 30, is also a double Olympic bronze medallist and three-time World Champion. Professionally, Blume works in the health and wellness field, and is the creator of the online wellness platform Align by Blume.  

Gender Balance & Sporting Pedigree on the World Aquatics Bureau 

With athletes the central focus of World Aquatics’ mission, Blume’s sporting experience is welcomed by a World Aquatics Bureau that includes 18 national-level aquatics athletes, 14 of whom competed at the Olympic Games, winning 8 Olympic golds and 23 World Championship titles collectively.  

World Aquatics remains steadfast in its mission to ensure an inclusive and balanced community where men and women have equal opportunities to participate in the sport’s decision-making processes. At the 2022 World Aquatics Congress, nine women joined the World Aquatics Bureau. With Blume’s appointment, the Bureau now includes 15 women, for a gender balance of 39 percent female.

World Aquatics President Husain Al-Musallam said this proportion would be the minimum for future Bureau composition. “This is an important step. Of course, there is more work to do; our target must be a 50-50 split,” said the World Aquatics President. “Today brings us closer to this goal." 

World Aquatics Bureau Composition 

The Bureau comprises the World Aquatics President and 39 Bureau Members (22 Continental Representatives, 16 World-at-Large, 1 Athletes’ Committee Chairperson). The Chair of the World Aquatics Athletes’ Committee (Alia Atkinson) is an ex officio Bureau and Executive Member.  

The term of office for a Bureau Member is four years, renewable twice. The next Bureau will be voted on by the World Aquatics Membership at a World Aquatics Congress in 2025.