American actor Ebon Moss-Bachrach, best known for playing David Lieberman in The Punisher and Cousin Richie in The Bear, recently outlined ten items he cannot live without.

And what was at the very top of the actor's essentials list? A trusty pair of well-worn swim trucks and a pair of swim goggles.

No.1 on Ebon Moss-Bachrach's List | Trusty Swim Trunks & A Comfortable, Colourway-Matching Swim Goggles

 "These are quite essential to me. They don't make these anymore. I'm sad. I called Speedo. I tried calling them to keep making 'em. I didn't get through to anybody.

"I started swimming seriously maybe 10 years ago. Cured my back pains. My favourite place to swim is in the ocean. 

"You know, they're revealing. My little daughter begged me to not take these in. I really don't like most men's swim shorts. They're big and baggy; there's a lot of extra fabric. It drags in the water. It doesn't feel good.

"What I like is that these are higher up on the leg; it doesn't get kind of banana-hammocky kind of silhouette. 

"These might have been fairly form-fitting when I got 'em. But they've seen so much sun and salt, they've kind of loosened up and bagged out. That's my ideal fit: a slightly baggy Speedo. These are actually probably time to retire. I think you could see my bum if the sun is right." 

And Ebon, what makes for a good pair of swim goggles? "These are my goggles of choice. They're nice. Navy, a little navy to match the colourway with the shorts. Good field of vision, comfortable goggle." 

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