Women's 3m Springboard

Image Source: China's Chen Yiwen competes in the Women's 3m Springboard final in Xi'an (Wang He/Getty Images)

Chen Yiwen led all the way through five dives and performed steadily as usual for a winning total of 376.05 points. Chiara Pellacani of Italy celebrated her first individual medal on the World Cup with a strong finish to the runner-up in 301.95 while Maddison Keeney of Australia faded in last two dives and finished third in 291.15.

"That's the end of the World Cups. I should do better today and need to improve myself before the Olympic Games. I also hope my gold medal can bring good luck to my synchro partner and my best friend Chang Yani, who got injured before the Super Final. I hope we can compete together in Paris,” Chen said.

Image Source: Italy's Chiara Pellacani competes in the Women's 3m Springboard final in Xi'an (Wang He/Getty Images)

Chiara Pellacani was excited about her competition. "My first individual medal at the World Cup! I am so excited to compete with so many divers and my own performance. I know I could do better, and it is not enough. I cannot wait to go back to work and start preparing for the Olympic Games," Pellacani said.

Image Source: Wang He/Getty Images

Wearing a T-shirt custom-made with the images of Chen Yiwen and Chang Yani, Maddison Keeney revealed she is a super fan of Chen Yiwen. "Chen is my idol. She gave me this T-shirt after we arrived at Xi'an. Chen, Chang, and I are good friends since we have always competed together since 2017. We hope the three of us will meet next time in Paris,” Keeney said.

Men's 3m Springboard

Image Source: China's Wang Zongyuan diving in the Men's 3m Springboard final in Xi'an (Wang He/Getty Images)

Top-ranked Wang Zongyuan, who has kept an unbeaten streak since Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, found rust in his diving form in his 5156B dive resulting in a poor 60.45 score, and ranked seventh in the third round. However, he managed to come back in the following two dives and claimed a day-high 102.60 in 109C for his last dive and nailed down the victory in a total of 525.00.

"Maybe I am a little bit tired and lost concentration on the 5156B. It was the full-house crowds who boosted my fighting spirit and brave heart to cool down myself in the following rounds. It is a hard battle and a meaningful lesson that I learned how to deal with the difficulties during the competition, just before the Paris Olympic Games,” said multiple world champion Wang.

Image Source: Wang He/Getty Images

"My parents came to watch my competition today. They give me a lot of courage and support, so I put my gold medal on my father's neck and the mascot Tang Niu for my mother," Wang said.

Image Source: Osmar Olvera Ibarra of Team Mexico competes in a 3m Springboard final (file photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images)

Osmar Olivera Ibarra from Mexico met troubles in 307C and 207C until he showed his trademark dives 109C and 5156B and came from behind to book a silver medal 476.55. Jack Laugher from Britain, who kept second place for five rounds had to concede to a bronze medal 472.85 after a disappointing last dive 207C. 

"Usually, my last two dives are my favourite and I am confident to do them solid. I am happy with the silver medal at the Super Final. I will work harder for the coming Olympics," Olivera Ibarra said.

Image Source: Jack Laugher of Great Britain springboard diving to bronze on Saturday in Xi'an (Wang He/Getty Images)

For Jack Laugher, it was a pity for his last dive. "I am very happy to compete in China in front of this huge crowd. However, I felt tired at last and made a mistake. I hope I can build up good form and win a medal in the Paris Olympic Games," Laugher said.

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What's to Come on the Final Day of Diving in Xi'an

Image Source: Quan Hongchan training prior the Women's 10m Platform Final at a previous World Cup stop in Berlin (Maja Hitij/Getty Images)

On Sunday, women's and men's 10m's Platform Individual will take place in Xi'an Aquatic Center.