Supported by the Chinese Swimming Association, World Champions Wang Liuyi and Wang Qianyi, both athletes from China, provided 15 students (ages 9-12) from a sports school with an enriching hour of development coaching.

The clinic kicked off with a hydration education session led by Nongfu Spring, then proceeded with an athlete-led Q&A, and both dryland and pool sessions. The athletes shared technical tips with the students, emphasising the new artistic swimming rules and advanced movements.

Finally, every student was awarded a certificate of completion and had the opportunity for one-on-one photos with the athletes.

Champions Clinics such as this offer aspiring aquatics athletes direct access to expert coaching, mentorship, and technical guidance from professionals and champions in aquatic sports.

Through this collaborative effort, World Aquatics and its partners are empowering young athletes to enhance their skills, broaden their understanding of the sport, and forge connections with their role models. This initiative not only nurtures talent and ignites a passion for the sport among participants but also fosters a vibrant aquatics community and helps ensure a bright future for artistic swimming worldwide.

Speaking about the clinic, World Aquatics President Husain Al-Musallam stated:

“It is fantastic to launch the World Aquatics Champions Clinic in China. We are committed to continually empowering young athletes and facilitating a culture of excellence in aquatics sports and this initiative ensures that the next generation of champions are supported, and our global community of athletes continues to thrive.”
By President of World Aquatics, Husain Al-Musallam

World Aquatics extends its sincere gratitude to Nongfu Spring for their invaluable collaboration in organising the clinic.