Who’s competing?

All nine events held in Montreal will feature a current world champion. Eight of nine events are also contested at the Olympics. And in those eight, every world champion hails from the People’s Republic of China.

On the women’s side, that means the Montreal lineup will include world gold medalists Chang Yani (3m) and Quan Hongchan (10m). They will be joined by their world title-winning synchro partners Chen Yiwen on 3m, and Chen Yuxi on 10m. Those four women, together, represent nearly impenetrable excellence because both Chens took silver in their individual events in Doha, leaving the rest of the world fighting for a bronze at best.

On the men’s side, world champions Wang Zongyuan (3m individual) and Yang Hao (10m individual) will do double duty in Montreal’s synchro events with their world champion partners Long Daoyi in 3m and Lian Junjie on 10m. 

Since China didn’t enter the non-Olympic mixed team event at the 2024 World Championships, Great Britain enters Montreal as world champions, led by 39-year-old Tom Daley who will be bidding for his fifth Olympic berth later this summer, and 19-year-old Andrea Spendolini Sirieix.

All-star casts from Australia, Canada, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Ukraine, and the United States also join the 22 nations represented.

What’s at stake? 

Three coveted things: Points, prize money, and a preview of the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Since every 2024 Olympic diving event will be contested in Montreal this weekend, this is a major chance for divers to practice performing under pressure against the best of the best.

Points are another motivator. Since Montreal is the first stop of the 2024 Diving World Cup series, it will serve as a qualifier for the Super Final in Xi’an, China, April 19-21. The top 30 individuals will earn points based on their finishes, as will the top 12 synchro pairs and top 12 nations in the mixed team event. The same points will be offered at the second stop of the series, in Berlin, March 21-24. After that, the 18 individual divers and eight synchro teams with the highest point totals in each event will qualify for the Super Final. Similarly, the eight mixed-team nations with the highest point totals will qualify for Xi’an.

As for the payday: Those who finish 1-2-3 in Montreal will earn $5,000, $4,000, or $3,000, respectively.  The Super Final payout is five times each of those amounts for the same results.

What’s when?   

Montreal will host one final on Friday, followed by four finals each on Saturday and Sunday.

Friday’s medals will be awarded in the mixed team event at 17:00 local time.

Saturday’s line-up will include: men’s 3m synchro (10:00), women’s 10m synchro (12:30), women’s 3m (15:00), men’s 10m (17:30). 

Sunday will begin with women’s 3m synchro (10:00), followed by men’s 10m synchro (12:30), men’s 3m (15:00) and women’s 10m (17:30).  All times are local.

What about the cool venue?

All the events – from prelims to finals – will be held at Parc olympique: the Olympic Games Montreal 1976 diving venue. In fact, the renovated pool sits inside the base of the Games’ iconic white tower that leans at a 45-degree angle over the French-speaking city.  Additionally, the Montreal Olympic Village, where all the athletes stayed 48 years ago, is a short walk from the tower. Those keen on history might remember that the 1976 Montreal Olympics is where the Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci scored the first perfect 10s, and American Bruce Jenner won gold in decathlon. But all eyes will be on the diving boards this week.