The six high diving medals awarded in Doha were distributed among five nations, but half of the medallists were originally from Great Britain: Aidan Heslop (men’s gold), Gary Hunt (men’s silver for France), and Jessica Macaulay (women’s bronze for Canada).

World Champions – Doha 2024:

Men’s 27m: Aidan Heslop (GBR)

Women’s 20m: Rhiannan Iffland (AUS)

Notable Achievements – Doha 2024

Image Source: Istvan Derencsenyi/World Aquatics

Dominance: Rhiannan Iffland (AUS), gold, won her fourth consecutive world title (2017, 2019, 2023, 2024)

5-Time Medalist: Gary Hunt (FRA), silver, earned his fifth world championship medal which is striking because high diving has only been held six times at the World Aquatics Championships. Hunt earned his first three medals for Great Britain: 2013 silver, 2015 gold, 2019 gold, and his last two for France: 2023 bronze, 2024 silver.

4-Time Medallist: Rhiannan Iffland (AUS) became the only woman to earn four world championship medals in high diving (all gold)

3-Time Medallist: Jessica Macaulay (CAN) earned her third world championship medal in high diving (all bronze): first for Great Britain (2019) and the last two for Canada  (2023, 2024)


 The O.G.s: Two medallists from the inaugural 2013 world championship competed in Doha: Gary Hunt (FRA), age 39, (2013 silver, 2024 silver) and Anna Bader (GER), age 40, (2013 bronze, 2024 6th place)


Image Source: Aidan Heslop high diving his way to gold in Doha (Mike Lewis/World Aquatics)

Highest Degree of Difficulty

Men: 6.2 DD by Aidan Heslop (GBR), forward 4 somersaults with 3½ twists pike in Round 4 (5187B)

Women: 4.4 DD by Molly Carlson (CAN) forward 4 somersaults with ½ twist pike in Round 4 (5181B)


Highest Single-Dive Scores

Men: 151.90 points, Aidan Heslop (Round 4): forward 4 somersaults with 3½ twists pike (5187B with 6.2DD)

Women: 102.60 points (tie): Rhiannan Iffland (Round 4) and Molly Carlson (Round 2) for the same dive: inward 3 somersaults with half twist tuck (5461C with 3.8DD)

Age is Just a Number

Image Source: Germany's Anna Bader soaring about the Doha skyscrapers at the 2024 Worlds (Istvan Derencsenyi/World Aquatics)

Oldest Man: Jucelino Lima Junior (BRA) 40, placed 25th

Oldest Woman: Anna Bader (GER), 40, placed 6th


Youngest Woman: Maike Elena Halbisch (GER), 18, placed 15th

Youngest Man: Zach Picton (AUS), turned 19 on February 12, placed 19th

Just sayin’:  

Image Source: Byunghwa Choi of Team Korea emerges following a dive from the 27m tower at the World Aquatics Championships -Doha 2024 (Adam Pretty/Getty Images)

Choi Byunghwa (KOR), 32, the only Asian competitor (male or female) in high diving, placed 23rd in the men’s event to match his 2023 world championship result. He started high diving in 2016 with no acrobatic background whatsoever.