"We have a beautiful relationship. We are really good friends, almost like brother and sister. So it's perfect. In our training, nothing changed, we are just having fun during training and trying to enjoy every moment."

  • Silver, Matteo Santoro (ITA), Diving, Mixed 3m Synchronised


"My last jump is the easiest one for me. I put this easiest jump as the last one on purpose to stay more confident and chilled, but still, I did not look at the results before the end of the competition. I could be the tenth or the first, I did not know that. That is why I was not so nervous."

  • Bronze, Oleksii Sereda (UKR), Diving, Men’s 10m Platform


"Winning the gold medal at the world championship on the Chinese New Year is indeed a great feeling and this memory will stay with us for a lifetime."

Gold, Wentao Cheng (CHN), Artistic Swimming, Mixed Duet Free


"This gold medal means a lot to me and this is a breakthrough."

  • Gold, Hao Yang (CHN), Diving, Men’s 10m Platform


"Last year we made history by winning the first-ever medal and here we set a new high with two more medals. I took each one of them with the same joy, pride and with surprise as well. It is the result of the endless work of our team. In our sport we always look for absolute excellence and always think of every single detail to improve, not forget anything at all. So we visualize this many, many, many times."

  • Bronze, Diego Villalobos Carrillo (MEX), Artistic Swimming, Mixed Duet Free


"As we live in different cities and our focus on this World Championships were the Olympic qualifying events, we didn’t get an opportunity to train together until today. However we were able to use all those years of our experience to funnel it into the competition and I think the result kind of speaks of our ability to draw that experience and to do five good, solid dives."

  • Gold, Domonic Bedggood (AUS), Diving, Mixed 3m Synchronised


"We grew up together, so it's easy to compete and do synchro together, but I live in the States and he lives in Italy. So it's a little hard to practice together. I was home for a month before coming here, so we had the chance to practice together a lot."

  • Silver – Chiara Pellacani (ITA), Diving, Mixed 3m Synchronised


"We are very proud of our work. We kept going to achieve this medal and we are very happy with our team. We made mistakes in the last championship so we tried to maintain the perfect routine this time and we got the medal."

  • Silver, Dennis Gonzales Boneu (ESP), Artistic Swimming, Mixed Duet Free


"Anything can happen out there, the board is bouncy and anyone could get a good takeoff or a bad takeoff, so we’re lucky we got very good takeoffs."

  • Gold, Maddison Keeney (AUS), Diving, Mixed 3m Synchronised


"It feels amazing to be part of such an achievement for Mexico. It’s an immense pride, there are no words to describe it. I am so thankful to our coaches for the confidence and to all the Mexican team for their support."

  • Bronze, Trinidad Meza Rodriguez (MEX), Artistic Swimming, Mixed Duet Free


"Winning the world championship not once, but twice, is indeed a great achievement for both of us. The first time we won the championship it caught us by surprise, but this time we had a feeling that we were on the right track."

  • Gold, Haoyu Shi (CHN), Artistic Swimming, Mixed Duet Free


"We did not have much time to jump together - we only met twice before this championship. But we grew up together so we know each other very well."

  • Bronze, Kim Suji (KOR), Diving, Mixed 3m Synchronised


"I think I’m still technically capable of improving, so I believe I can do this. I just want to get the best results in Paris."

  • Silver, Yuan Cao (CHN), Diving, Men’s 10m Platform


"We will not have much time to celebrate but maybe we will celebrate tonight on the plane."

  • Bronze, Yi Jaegyeong (KOR), Diving, Mixed 3m Synchronised