"I felt more motivated and I was completely moved. That’s why I cried after my last dive. It’s the first time to end a competition in tears, it had never happened to me before, so this proves the intensity of the feelings this success has brought to me."

  • Bronze, Suji Kim (KOR), Diving, Women’s 3m Springboard


"Tonight is Chinese New Year, so for us, today is a special day. We are extremely happy for this achievement and despite the fact that we are far away from China and cannot celebrate with our families and with the people who love us, we will still celebrate with the gold medals hanging around our necks."

  • Gold, Yu Feng (CHN), Artistic Swimming, Team Free


"It’s a long competition and we were able to stay focused and really dialled in our own team. We didn’t look around us, we just stayed in our bubble, and focused on what we needed to do and no one else."

  • Bronze, Anita Alvarez (USA), Artistic Swimming, Team Free


"We don’t just want to be competitive. We want to win these games. I think we are playing much better than we were two years ago. However, we want to compete, we want to win, and we want to challenge deep into these tournaments."

  • Tim Hamill (AUS), Water Polo, Men’s Group Stage


"I am very excited about this result because it is also a motivation for me to work harder and a huge encouragement for the future. Every day, we worked very hard for this result. I am honoured, but after every competition, there is a new start. Now, I need to work harder towards the Olympics."

  • Gold, Chang Yani (CHN), Diving, Women’s 3m Springboard


"Our team aspires to move people's hearts with our performances, rather than simply executing difficult routines. I want us to maintain that high level of performance without sacrificing that essence."

  • Silver, Megumu Yoshida (JPN), Artistic Swimming, Team Free


"I am looking forward to the Olympics which are now in less than 200 days. I will try to be stronger and better in Paris. I will go after gold."

  • Silver, Chen Yiwen (CHN), Diving, Women’s 3m Springboard


"This game decided if we go up or down so, if we won this game, we could play crossover match. We knew that. Also, we knew that if we won against Montenegro, they would not qualify for Olympic Games. This was a very important game for both teams. We were motivated."

  • Shiota Yoshinori (JPN), Water Polo, Men’s Group Stage