"I feel very good. I’ve been working a lot for this, and you know all my hard work paid off today, so I feel good. It’s a sport I’ve been doing for a while and it’s different from diving. It’s a bit more free. I think the sport attracts me. You get to do different things than diving and you get to have a longer athletic life. I participate in both but I prefer high diving because it’s free and more enjoyable. Please come to more high diving competitions - you’ll enjoy it for sure!"

- Constantin Popovici (ROU), Gold, High Diving, Men’s 27m Final


"I'm happy with the result today but even more motivated to improve for gold for sure. I definitely need to work more on my technical program in order to have a better chance at the top of the podium. I am currently suffering from a degree of difficulty deficit compared to Constantin who won the competition today. However, I have my eyes on the future. I'm motivated to push harder and further and I'll definitely be back in the search for gold."

- Catalin-Patru Preda (ROU), Silver, High Diving, Men’s 27m Final


"It's a relief for me to be on the podium. I'm the oldest diver here so it just feels like a gold medal to me. I trained in Paris with the French team for many years and they've been supporting me as soon as I started training with them. So this medal is dedicated to the French team."

- Gary Hunt (FRA), Bronze, High Diving, Men’s 27m Final


"Three seems to be a cursed number for me so to take out three wins in a row is incredible. I'm lost for words. It takes a lot of hard work, not only in the last few years , but over a long time. Starting as a little girl, the sacrifices from my family and all the effort that has been put in. It's a really rewarding feeling. I found myself standing up on the platform and just drawing back on all of those experiences to calm myself down… so much love and hugs. I couldn't have done it without the support of my friends and family. Even the smallest things… I think it's pretty plain and simple, a big thank you!"

- Rhiannan Iffland (AUS), Gold, High Diving, Women’s 20m Final


"Standing up for a silver position in my first World Championships is incredible. We've been working so hard as a federation. We wanted to stand up at the podium today and we showed all of our hard work, so I'm very happy. I think I do high diving because it's the best version of myself, and you know, we find bravery in our hearts. This shows the level of myself and I’m so proud every time I can go. I love high diving for that reason. My message to the audience is to find something that challenges you, that gets you out of your comfort zone, and then you can be so brave with. If you can find that, then you will have so much fun."

- Molly Carlson (CAN), Silver, High Diving, Women’s 20m Final


"I had a great time here in Japan for the first time. I think I'm really happy with my dives. I'm really satisfied with my last dive in particular and happy to be standing up there on that podium. When I was standing up there, I was really getting in the zone, and when I'm having fun and enjoying myself I dive my best. This is my last World Championships and so I really felt something special today. So when that music started playing, I was like, this is my moment I'm going to take it. And I fully enjoyed myself and I think that showed in my dancing and also in my dive."

- Jessica Macaulay (CAN), Bronze, High Diving, Women’s 20m Final