World Aquatics and the Hungarian government are working together to give up to twenty top student-athletes an ideal environment to continue preparing for elite performance while also giving them a head-start on their post-sports career with the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme.

Following a successful debut for the 2022/2023 academic year, the innovative and comprehensive scholarship programme has opened is applications to the world’s emerging elite swimmers for the 2023/2024 year.

This programme was created and run to provide priority support for the studies of international students with internationally recognised sporting achievements in Hungarian higher education institutions and their participation in competitive university sports and non-university competitive sports, as well as to assist the development of sports life in Hungarian universities.

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“I am extremely excited about this partnership with the Hungarian government and the Hungarian Swimming Federation. The launch of this scholarship programme was a very important step for World Aquatics in providing additional athlete opportunities,” said World Aquatics President Husain Al-Musallam. “Progressing swimming performance globally is at its best when athletes everywhere have access to top facilities, coaching and sports science. This programme gives more athletes the chance to fulfil their true potential.”

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Hungarian Swimming Association President Dr. Sandor Wladar said the programme allows Hungary to share the knowledge and expertise of Hungary’s coaches beyond the country’s borders.

“Our Association is again represented in a new area, where we can showcase our internationally recognized education system and our sport. We hope that our expertise will encourage more athletes to pursue a career in Hungary, both academically and professionally.

“The Hungarian Swimming Association will do its utmost to provide the most thorough professional background for the participants of the programme during their stay.”

The programme targets 20 swimming athletes with scholarships. Hopeful scholarship recipients need to apply no later than 14 April 2023

Available Scholarships

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Stipendium Hungaricum Sports scholarships are available for bachelor, master, and doctoral degree programmes.

Partnering Universities

The sports scholarship programme is partnered with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Corvinus University of Budapest, Eötvös Loránd University, Hungarian University of Sports Science, Semmelweis University, University of Debrecen, University of Pécs, and the University of Public Service. 

The two current scholarship holders – Tendo Mukalazi of Uganda and Ali Jafari of Iran – are studying Communication and Media Studies at Corvinus University and Nursing and Patient Care at Semmelweis University, respectively.

Where You’ll Train – And With Whom

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Led by the highly regarded Balazs Zambo as the head coach, the training programme for scholarship holders is organized by the Hungarian Swimming Federation. 

Take your mind back to the 2017 and 2022 editions of the World Aquatics Championships when envisioning yourself training for the upcoming season as  the workouts will take place at the Duna Arena in Budapest, or in other cities based on the location of the university chosen by the student-athlete.

The basic training plan calls for nine weekly sessions (six morning and three afternoon workouts). 

“Our coaches are internationally recognized, give lectures regularly and are always at the forefront of training methodology,” said Dr. Wladar. “In recent years, many athletes, from many nations have followed the Hungarian example shaping their structure of their training. Participating athletes can train in the same pool as Hungarian swimmers, even in one of the world's best swimming pools, like the Duna Arena.”

“Our coaches are internationally recognized, give lectures regularly and are always at the forefront of training methodology.”
By Dr. Sandor Wladar, Hungarian Swimming Association President

There will be top events for scholarship holders to compete at, including the Hungarian national series and the Hungarian national swimming championships. 

Additional Scholarship Programme Benefits

In addition to tuition-free education and expert coaching, the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme offers recipients the following: 

  • Medical insurance 
  • Monthly stipend from the SHS programme of 100 USD 
  • Dormitory accommodation or accommodation contribution from the SHS 
  • Sports services: designated coach, training plans, access to training facilities and additional services, in particular team doctors, team physiotherapists and psychologists 
  • Academic mentor employed by the host institution who assists the studies of the scholarship holder 

World Aquatics will also provide the following to scholarship holders: 

  • 500 USD monthly scholarship 
  • In case the Scholarship holder does not receive dormitory accommodation, 200 USD monthly accommodation contribution provided 
  • Round trip travel from home country to Hungary once per year

Athlete Profile | What the Scholarship Selection Committee Seeks in Candidates

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The candidate must be a National Team swimmer, who has represented their country at international competitions and intend to take part in the upcoming World Aquatics Championships and the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Additionally, the scholarship selection committee will only consider applicants that demonstrate:  

  • Great academic results 
  • Good knowledge of the English language, including fluency to read, write and converse in English  
  • Motivated to combine their academic and sports career 
  • Someone ready to move to a new country, adapt to the local training and academic requirements, be responsible for themselves and is excited about taking on a new life challenge 

Who Can Apply | Participating Countries 

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Applications are welcomed from athletes from every country in the world, except for those holding a citizenship from a country in either European Union or the European Economic Area.

How to Apply

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With the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship programme application deadline of 14 April 2023, there’s little time to delay so get your papers in order today.

To apply, you will need to provide the following documents before the 14 April 2023 deadline: 

  • Complete the  Online Application Form
  • Passport copy 
  • Photo 
  • Proof of English language proficiency translated into the English language 
  • High School/ Bachelor degree/ Master degree certificate translated into the English language (depending on the study level of your choice) 
  • Transcript of records and a translation of this document into the English language 
  • Recommendation from the National Federation 
  • Recommendation from the Educational institution 

Please submit all the scholarship application documents to: