While the World Aquatics Masters Championships - Kyushu 2023 might take place from 2-11 August this year, now's the time to start preparing - and we're not just talking about your training. 

To make the planning for this bucket list trip that much easier for you, World Aquatics and the event organisers have put together the Event Entry Booklet that will answer almost, if not all, of your questions about how to qualify, sign-up, and book a place to stay. You'll even get a few ideas about what to sightsee in this spectacular setting beside the ocean between one's competitive events. 

To get started on your prospective Kyushu 2023 aquatics adventure, download the Event Entry Booklet HERE.

Competition Venues on Kyushu Island 

Image Source: Swim in the pool where history was - and will be - made (Nick Wilson/ALLSPORT)

The three cities hosting the World Aquatics Masters Championships on Kyushu Island - Fukuoka, Kumamoto and Kagoshima - make for an aquatic lover's paradise. From swimmers competing in the pool that their heroes raced in just days earlier, to divers using the same springboards and platforms from the World Aquatics Championships to open water swimmers navigating the same water that Gregorio Paltrinieri and Ana Marcela Cunha and other stars of the sport are expected to compete in, Fukuoka will be a happening spot not only in July but August, too.

Image Source: Donald Miralle /Allsport

The water polo teams will get to call the Aqua Dome Kumamoto home, while Kagoshima's sparkling Kamoike Park Swimming Pool complex will provide the ideal field of play for the master's artistic swimmers.

To find out more about the competition venues in play for the World Aquatics Masters Championships, visit HERE. 

For more guidance, participants should also check out the Masters Entry Platform on the official event website.

Swimming Entry Times

Wondering if your time in your favourite event can get you into this edition of the World Aquatics Masters Championships? Here are the marks you'll have to get under to swim for age-group world glory:


Essential Dates & Info for Prospective Competitors 

  • The Masters' Accommodation Booking Platform is Now Live

After you've checked out the Event Entry Booklet, you're probably wondering about picking the ideal place to stay while on the Island of Kyushu.  Here are the dedicated accommodation sites for each of the three host cities.

  • 1 March 2023 |Athlete Registration Platform Opens

From the beginning of March is when one's World Aquatics Master's Championships adventure becomes that much closer to reality as that's when the Athlete Registration Platform opens. Ten thousand aquatics athletes from across the globe are anticipated at this edition of the event; we hope you'll be one!