The 16-time World Aquatics Grand Prix medallist is a legend for his longevity, competing across three decades – from the late 1990s through to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games where he represented Team Japan as 40 years old.

Age is just a number – as Ken could show by making it back to Fukuoka for the 20th running of the  World Aquatics Championships - Fukuoka 2023. If he can do it, it'd be a beautiful reunion as Terauchi won bronze in the 3m Springboard at the 9th edition of the  World Aquatics Championships - Fukuoka 2001 to become the first diver to ever stand on the diving podium of this marquee event. Now, 22 years later, can Ken turn back time and do it again next summer in Fukuoka?

Image Source: Clive Rose/Getty Images

Ken, what do you think is the charm of diving?

Divers dive into the pool as the spectators are watching in deep silence. During that period of entering the water, the silence is broken by a powerful sound when the diver’s hand touches the water's surface. I think that the charm of diving is in fact this unique live viewing experience, where spectators are able to experience both silence and movement. 

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You are the first Japanese diver to win a medal, which you did in 2001 at the World Aquatics Championships. What’s your secret on how you are still able to be an active diver 20 years later today? You must have had some really positive people in your life influence you.

In regards to my secret, as someone who has been a professional athlete for 30 years, I have never ceased in doing the same daily routine during that 30 year period. This continuous routine has become a huge strength of mine and is I believe the reason why I am able to continue to be an active athlete.

In regards to influences, one influence is my senior at my sports club, Tadahiro Nomura, (the first judoka to have won 3 gold medals at the Olympics) a judoka who has already retired.

Looking at Mr. Nomura, and watching his back always makes me want to become a world champion. In that meaning, I am currently good friends with Mr. Nomura which I think has given me a lot of insight because I am always able to ask him for any advice or secrets on how to become a world champion.  

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Ken, What’s your best dive?

My best dive is the Forward 2 ½ Somersault 2 Twists, in which while making 1½ spins, you twist two times to enter the water with your head looking like this.  

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Lastly, what are you thinking about with the World Aquatics Championships in Fukuoka on the horizon?

I still remember to this day, the feelings from that moment in Fukuoka 2001 where I won the medal. I am very happy that the World Aquatics Championships will be once again held in Fukuoka next year in 2023.

Additionally, I would like to do my best to win another medal so please support me next year.

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