The Pain Cave is Katie Ledecky’s Playground

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The 25-year-old American – a 7-time Olympic gold medallist and 19-time FINA World Champion – adds another world record with Saturday night’s 15:08.24 performance in the 1500m freestyle.

"Honestly most of that emotion was just because it hurt a lot so when something hurts that much you want to see a great result like that. I felt good and very pleased with the outcome in both that and the 200m."

On not setting a bar of expectations on her career: 

"It’s fun. I never expected to make it to the Olympics. The rest has just been icing on the cake. Just taking it one year at a time, trying to be the best I can be, in shape. I’ve got great training partners in Florida, great coaches, coach Nesty and all the Gators. So I know they’re gonna keep me moving forward, just build into this season and see what we can do at the end of this year and, more importantly, next year."

Hurts So Good, Part Deux | Trenton Julian Outlasts Chad Le Clos

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The American holds in the 200m butterfly duel against the London 2012 Olympic champion, winning in 1:49.69

“The 200m fly is always going to hurt. You kind of expect coming in. Going in expecting it not to hurt is going to make it worse.”

Julian on the special Saturday night in Toronto: 

“It was great, so many records being broken, so much great racing. It is so much fun to be a part of that.”

Summer McIntosh Has Ice Water Running Through Her Veins

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It's not called pressure when the 16-year-old enters the competitive arena. After racing down Ledecky in the 400m freestyle Friday, the Toronto native added another world junior record to her growing accolades with her 4:21.49 win in the 400m Individual Medley.

“I wouldn't necessarily call it pressure. I think it’s more support from everyone and it's an honour to be able to race and represent Canada at the world level, especially in my hometown.”

How were the home crowds, Summer?

“It was amazing to have the support of the many Canadians in the stands, and I want to say thanks for their support.  I didn’t know what time to expect, I just wanted to swim a good race.”

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