Dimitris Mantzouranis

"Artistic swimming is a unique sport. The music and the choreography make you forget as a spectator that in fact, it is a sport. I like capturing moments that bring that to the frontline. Freezing time from angles makes the athletes look almost superhuman."

"Shots that make you look at them twice to grasp what is really happening - a paradox. You have to get creative with the angles and gamble losing the traditional action shots to capture them. Those shots are rare and easily my favourite."

Petros Spanoudakis

Dancing on the water

"Artistic swimming, a sport that usually half athlete is below water? No problem! Federica Sala can “dance on the water” to deliver us that wonderful image."

It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World

"In a sport where more women participate, it was really challenging for me to find a click that makes us want to listen to James Brown. But this one did!"