Austria’s triplet sisters Anna-Maria Alexandri and Eirini Alexandri. The Austrian pair were the only duet who received scores higher than 90: 91.2668 for their Free routine themed “Evil Dolls” and 90.5721 for their technical routine, “Warriors”, bringing their total to 181.8389 points. 

Ranked second with a total of 175.3620 points are twin sisters, representing the Netherlands, Bregje and Noortje de Brouwer. The de Brouwer sisters scored 87.5620 for their Technical routine appropriately themed “Bringing back our dreams”, while receiving 87.8000 for their Free routine where they were exploring the Galaxy.

Closing out the top three is the second set of twin sisters representing France, Laura and Charlotte Tremble.  The French pair received 87.1933 points for their Technical routine “Violence against women”. Added to the 88.0668 which they received for their Free routine “Amazons”, the French Duet ranks third with 175.2601 points.

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In fourth place heading into finals is Belarus’s duet, Vasilina Khandoshka and Daria Kulagina with 175.2593 points. Swimming their “Can Can” Technical routine earned the pair from Belarus 87.6593 points, while earlier in the Free routine, “Witches”, Khandoshka and Kulagina received 87.6000 points. 

The Duet from the USA Lindi Schroeder and Anita Alvarez, with a great comeback after their Free routine “Billie Eilish” for which they received 87.2332, scoring 87.2417 for “Love Story”. The duet from the USA ranks 5thwith 174.4749 points.

The duets representing Israel (170.5626), Great Britain (170.4562), Liechtenstein (167.1357), Germany (165.6283), Colombia (165.4481), Switzerland (163.6525), and Brazil (163.2435) will be joining Austria, Netherlands, France , Belarus and USA,  for the Final Free Duet Competition, tomorrow, June 13th at 3:00 pm (GMT+2).