In line with its 2018-2021 development strategy for water polo, FINA has launched the Water Polo Rules - Open Course.

This course’s objective is to make water polo rules more accessible to anyone interested. It aims at explaining and simplifying the disciplines protocols, systems and regulations, for a wider and better understanding of the sport in general which can be challenging at first.

The course, which FINA has developed working closely with recognised water polo experts, consists of four modules free of charge for the participants:

  1. Water Polo Field of Play, goal, ball and caps
  2. Water Polo Teams
  3. Water Polo The Game
  4. Water Polo The fouls

The various elements are available on FINA Learning platform upon registration in no particular order and the topics are presented with simple and entertaining graphics.

FINA Technical Water Polo Committee (TWPC) Chairman Manuel Ibern emphasised the role of the new initiative:

“This course is designed for not only for new referees but also for all levels and age groups of players, coaches, parents, fans, etc. It is inclusive and open to anyone who shows an interest for the sport and wishes to become involved at any level. ”

“It has been developed to increase the understanding and popularity of our sport worldwide.” Ibern said.

You can access the course and register here

Similar courses for Diving and High Diving are planned to be launched soon.