Emily Seebohm of Australia pocketed a silver medal in the 100m IM as well as a bronze medal in the 200m backstroke on Thursday and Saturday respectively in Windsor, Canada, where the 13th FINA World Swimming Championships is concluding tonight.

Reflecting on those two great races, Seebohm, 24, did not hide that racing against Hungary’s Katinka Hosszu is never an easy thing to do.

“Racing against Katinka is always very tough. She is such a strong competitor. It is always a massive race when I get to race her. She always smashes it so it is hard to beat her.”

Seebohm added: “The competition level has been very strong her in Windsor, a lot stronger than I thought. Especially right after the Olympics. I didn’t expect so many swimmers would attend this meet but it has been fantastic to witness such a level and to see the hard work.

“Personally I have been training just once a day since Rio. I guess I wanted a little bit of a break from swimming but not be completely out of the water. It was fun because I got to have my afternoon to myself, I could walk my dogs and horse riding.”

Finishing three finals in fourth position, Seebohm admitted her frustration: “It is very hard, it makes it even more frustrating when it is by .01 and couldn’t get any smaller. It is annoying.

Looking at the year 2017, the Australian shared her plan with us. “I am looking forward to just training hard and hopefully going to Budapest.

“But before I am heading to New York City after this because I have never been there before. And then I am going to go home a spend Christmas with my family because I have been travelling so much this year.”