Today (Sunday September 2) marks 100 days to go until short-course swimming history is made through Hangzhou, China, hosting the 14th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) from December 11 - 16, 2018.

Around 1000 elite athletes from 170 countries, thousands of visitors and spectators and many international media representatives will take part in this wonderful Championships, travelling from all over the world to join the most important FINA swimming meet of 2018.

With 100 days to go, Hangzhou hosts organised a big celebration day, involving around 200 guests from the government and the media, with various activities honouring water as a crucial element of our sport.

During the ceremony, the “Little Lotus”, symbol of the championships, was revealed to the public in a really nice water front set up by the Expo Centre. The Organisers also revealed the competition schedule on the occasion. 

Guests speeches followed the water drum dance which opened the show this morning in Hangzhou, to finally closing the ceremony with the 100-day countdown.

The Hangzhou authorities, the Organising Committee and the people of China’s Zhejiang province are ready to welcome huge crowds for a beautiful swimming show with thrilling action in perspective.

The competition will be broadcast to a potential TV audience of over 500 million via broadcasters in over 200 territories across the globe.

The venue competition is a 10,000 seat Tennis Centre located within the Hangzhou Olympic and International Expo Centre. . A temporary competition pool and pool deck will be constructed on top of the main arena of the Tennis Centre.

The warm up and training pool will be located in a temporary constructed building attached to the Competition venue. The facilities will include sufficient space for athlete preparation and team areas.

The Hangzhou Olympic and International Expo Centre is only 15-20 minutes’ drive time from most of the official hotels.


Previous to the competition, the 5th FINA World Aquatics Convention will be hosted by the same city from December 8-10, providing a platform for the global Aquatics family to network, share best practice, and encourage greater engagement in Aquatic sport.

About 1,200 delegates, 400 organisations, 300 international head coaches and 209 national federation are expected to attend this key rendezvous of the Aquatic Community.