The team of Singapore won the 2019 edition of the FINA Water Polo Challengers Cup (formerly known as FINA Development Trophy), organised from October 8-13 precisely in Singapore. In the decisive match of the game, the locals were stronger than Austria, managing a 8-5 victory for the gold medal of the men’s tournament. Both teams were leaders of their respective preliminary groups, with Singapore totalling four victories in Group A and Austria also four wins in Group B. Moreover, Jun An (SGP) was voted the Most Valuable Player of the competition and Salkan Samardzic (AUT) the Best Goalkeeper of the tournament.
For the bronze-medal match, the team of Indonesia was better than Ireland, triumphing by 14-9. The action of Indonesian star Ridjkie Mulia (six goals) was decisive for the outcome of the game – at the end of the competition, Mulia was the Best Scorer of the Singaporean rendezvous, with a total of 37 goals.

In the remaining action of the final day, Philippines beat Hong Kong 13-8 for the fifth position, while India had no problems in dominating Malaysia by the same result for the seventh place. Zimbabwe’s impressive triumph of 30-3 over Chinese Taipei ensured the African squad the ninth spot of the competition.

1. Singapore; 2. Austria; 3. Indonesia; 4. Ireland; 5. Philippines; 6. Hong Kong; 7. India; 8. Malaysia; 9. Zimbabwe; 10. Chinese Taipei