Water Polo Tournament

Also called as the ‘City of Sunshine’ as it has the highest number of annual sunny hours among the big cities in Hungary, Szeged is the Southern-most county capital of the country, alongside the river Tisza. Like Debrecen, it also has a high-profile sporting life and a great range of venues – most notably the world-famous canoe-course, site of numerous World Championships (also suitable for open water swimming events).

In 2021, two brand new complexes were added to upgrade the local sport infrastructure – one for the handball Europeans (and to accommodate the city’s premier men’s team which belongs to the continental elite), and one for the aquatic community which had been vying for an indoor pool for decades. Especially the water polo club deserved a worthy home since it could look back some outstanding achievements with a LEN Trophy victory in 2009 as the absolute highlight.

The new swimming complex is truly breathtaking, with a seating capacity of 3,000 around an Olympic-size pool it has everything a modern venue needs to offer. It already hosted a couple of top-tier local swimming meet and the league games of the local WP club and it’s getting ready for the World Championship showtime.