The principal objectives, as for the World Aquatics Constitution - Clause 4, are the following:

1 Promote, develop and be the governing body for Aquatics throughout the world;
2 Provide fair and clean sport and protect the integrity of Aquatics
3 Promote safe Aquatics and the protection of Athletes from all forms of harassment and abuse;
4 Encourage participation in Aquatics at all levels throughout the world, regardless of age, gender or race, and support activities aiming at ensuring that Aquatics and swimming skills in general are promoted in all countries and are accessible to individuals from all ages, gender, different backgrounds and capacities
5 Approve competitions and events
6 Adopt rules and regulations for the approval by World Aquatics of competitions and events
7 Promote and organise World Championships and other competitions and events
8 Support the values of the Olympic Movement and continue to play a leading role in the Olympic Movement. In particular to undertake its responsibilities to organise, supervise and officiate the Aquatics' programme at the Olympic Games
9 Promote the development of facilities for Aquatics throughout the world
10 Develop and encourage activities and programmes promoting the sustainability of Aquatics in all possible forms
11 Develop and encourage the education of Athletes, Coaches, Officials and other persons involved in Aquatics
12 Carry out any other activity to promote Aquatics