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Overcoming Mental Health Struggles High Diver Molly Carlson's Journey to World Championships Silver

Join us as we dive deep with Molly Carlson, the incredible silver medalist at the World Championships in high diving! 🌟 In this inspiring video, Molly opens up about her journey in the sport, sharing the thrills and challenges of high diving. She also bravely discusses her mental health struggles and how she overcame them, offering valuable insights and encouragement for anyone facing similar battles. Don't miss this intimate look into the life of a world-class athlete who is not only conquering the heights but also navigating the depths of mental health. Like, comment, and subscribe for more inspiring stories! 💪✨ #MollyCarlson #HighDiving #MentalHealth #Resilience #WorldChampion Top Videos - World Aquatics ➤ Swimming World Records ➤ Diving ➤ Artistic Swimming ➤ Water Polo ➤

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