Following consultations with open water swimmers and based on World Aquatics’ commitment to a sustainable future for the planet and its water, the World Aquatics Open Water Swimming World Cup’s second stop currently underway in Golfo Aranci, Italy featured the debut of compostable bioplastic drinking bottles at the mid-race feeding station. 

Image Source: Andrea Masini/Deep Blue Media/World Aquatics

World Aquatics chose Veganbottles, made in France, produced from 100% bioplastic.  

The bottles, a result of a collaborative effort between World Aquatics and the athletes, will be re-used throughout the competition season and then composted at the end of their useful lives. They have been meticulously designed with athlete input, ensuring their shape, size, and ease of grab are athlete-friendly as swimmers pass their feeders at the feeding platform. The bottles are pre-filled by the teams before the race, with each athlete choosing their preferred liquid, energy drink or similar for consumption.  

Image Source: Andrea Masini/Deep Blue Media/World Aquatics

Divers will collect bottles so that none remain in the water. A bespoke feeding buoy is placed in front of the feeding area so that bottles remain afloat in a way that enables their easy collection. 

“World Aquatics is beginning a sustainability journey that will have a comprehensive and immediate impact, consistent with our role as a global governing body of sport,” said World Aquatics President Husain Al-Musallam. “The introduction of these bottles marks a significant step towards World Aquatics adopting key sustainability principles like that of reduce, re-use, recycle.”  

Image Source: Gregorio Paltrinieri at an open water training session in Fukuoka, Japan (Istvan Derencsenyi/World Aquatics)

“As open water swimmers, we are deeply conscious of the unacceptable levels of plastic in our rivers, lakes and seas,” said Gregorio Paltrinieri. “It’s been great to work with World Aquatics on this important initiative that not only cuts our plastic use, but it also sends a strong message about our commitment to clean, swimmable water.” 

See the Sustainable, Compostable Drinking Bottles in World Cup Action From Golfo Aranci, Italy

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