Eighty-five elite divers from 15 teams in the world will compete in the Diving World Cup 2024 Super Final from 19-21 April after qualifying for the culminating World Cup, following previous two stops in Montreal, Canada and Berlin, Germany.

But before the fierce competition and on 100 days countdown for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, teams got to enjoy the Chang'an Impression Tang Dynasty Grand Welcome Ceremony. It is the first real scene performance with Tang etiquette culture as the theme in China, and is a state guest performance representing the cultural etiquette image of the history-laden city of Xi 'an.

Walking inside of the South Gate, Jaxon Bowshire of Australia learned that the Grand Welcome Ceremony show has become a platform to display Chinese traditional and Xi'an regional culture.

"I just learned that the special entry custom from the South Gate has always been famous for the ancient Chinese royal welcome etiquette in the world. I am walking the same way as the ancient royal person," Bowshire said.

During the show time, the performance highlighted the Chinese traditional props, clothing, music, dance, architecture to reproduce the splendor Tang style.

Image Source: World Aquatics

"Very impressive and great show! The music, dancing, view and the ideas of the culture in the show that put together was brilliant, the story was beautiful, thanks to the local organizers," Bowshire added after the show. “The city is beautiful, the architecture, the difference between the history and the new stuff. It's a brilliant contrast."

Image Source: World Aquatics

For Australia’s Li Shixin, he’d been to Xi'an many times, but he, too, was in shock of the culture performance and the welcome ceremony. "It is amazing! I feel like I was back to the time 600 years ago, like I was the king or big general," said Li.

"I did not expect to experience this kind of welcome ceremony. There were only for the top officials in ancient times,” said Rikuto Tamai of Japan. “It is a perfect way to learn the local culture and relax before the big competition. I think I am in shape for the Super Final."

Image Source: World Aquatics

Even for the hosts divers, they were impressed by the ceremony and performance. “I have never seen this before. I could not express my exciting feeling in words,” Chinese Olympic champion Quan Hongchan said.

“Maybe next time we wear the traditional Tang suits and walk on the streets. It’s a kind of role play that we are not divers for a moment, China’s Chen Yuxi added. “It must be fun!”