The World Aquatics Masters Championships are officially open! With competition in open water and diving already underway, the 2594 athletes from 964 clubs and 85 federations were formally welcomed to the Qatari capital of Doha on the opening day of competition. Read the official welcomes from World Aquatics, the Organising Committee, and the Qatar Swimming Association below.

Captain Husain Al Musallam  |  President, World Aquatics

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the city of Doha, Qatar. I am proud to say that Doha is the first city in the Arab World to host the World Aquatics Masters Championships, our most prestigious event. On behalf of World Aquatics, I would like to express our gratitude to the host city for sharing our passion for aquatics sport and for their willingness and flexibility in hosting our biggest event.

Doha has a proven track record of hosting successful World Aquatics events, including the World Swimming Championships (25m) in 2014 and World Cup events in swimming, open water swimming, diving and artistic swimming and more recently the World Aquatics World Championships. As per the elite competitions,  I am confident that Doha will deliver outstanding competitions for participants and spectators alike. The world-class Aspire Dome, Hamad Aquatic Centre, and the Old Doha Port are ready to welcome masters athletes from all over the world and provide them with the perfect conditions to compete.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to our partners, staff, officials, and volunteers for all their hard work and dedication in making this event possible. I have no doubt that these World Aquatics Masters Championships will be a historic event that will be remembered for many years to come.
By World Aquatics President Husain Al Musallam

He Sheikh Joaan Bin Hamad Al Thani  |  President, Organizing Committee

We are delighted to welcome you to Qatar and the city of Doha for this historic World Aquatics Masters Championships. Hosting the World Aquatics Masters Championships has been a long-term ambition for Qatar and we are thrilled that this ambition is now being realised. It makes us even more proud to know that we have been able to bring this prestigious event to our country and to our region for the very first time. We are committed to ensuring that the Championships leave a lasting legacy for the hundreds of millions of young people in Doha and throughout the region, and inspire them to participate, compete and benefit from aquatics sports.

During your stay here in Doha, we will ensure that you and your athletes have an unforgettable experience and are provided with everything you need to perform at your very best. As a leading international sports destination, Doha has developed significant experience and expertise in hosting major events and making sure that the athletes are the central focus. Athletes will have access to the best facilities, giving them the perfect conditions to showcase their talents to a global audience. We have no doubt that these Championships will be an exhilarating celebration of aquatics excellence like no other, showcasing the world’s very best aquatics athletes.

Away from the elite training facilities and world-class accommodation, you the participants and all visitors can expect an inclusive and welcoming experience drawing on Qatar’s famous hospitality. Everyone is welcome in Doha and our diverse population and mixture of history, culture and entertainment will guarantee an unforgettable stay for all. 

We wish all the athletes and teams the very best of luck during the Championships. We cannot wait to watch you compete and offer you our full support. Welcome once again to Doha and enjoy your stay.
By He Sheikh Joaan Bin Hamad Al Thani  |  President, Organizing Committee

Mr. Jassim bin Rashid Albuainain  |  Vice President, Organizing Committee

Welcome to Doha for the World Aquatics Masters Championships - Doha 2024. It does not feel like it was a month ago that I accepted the World Aquatics flag from our friends and colleagues in Fukuoka at the conclusion of the excellent World Aquatics Masters Championships - Kyushu 2023. But here we are; ready to accept this momentous responsibility of hosting the world’s best athletes for a thrilling celebration of aquatics sports. It is a responsibility we do not take for granted and we have worked hard to draw from Qatar’s unparalleled experience in hosting major international sports events to ensure we meet and exceed the expectations of the World Aquatics family.

Image Source: Swimming at the World Aquatics Masters Championships - Fukuoka 2023 (World Aquatics)

Everything is in place in Doha to give athletes the optimum conditions for elite competition. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure from our venues and training facilities, through to our modern and efficient transport network and world-class accommodation will ensure athletes and all stakeholders have a fantastic experience. All venues and facilities are located within a compact footprint meaning athletes can focus on competition, and visitors and fans have unprecedented access to all five aquatic sports allowing them to enjoy more action than ever before. With all of this world-class infrastructure already in place, we have been able to focus on delivering a sustainable event which generates awareness on this critical subject and contributes to tangible climate action.

Water is life. And we are committed to a clear future where everyone can benefit from aquatic sports. We are confident that you will have a memorable and enjoyable stay here in Doha and it is our honour to host you all. We cannot wait for the competitions to begin!

Mrs Nadine Day  |  Chairperson, Masters Technical Committee, World Aquatics

On behalf of World Aquatics I would like to thank the country of Qatar, the people of Qatar, the Organising Committee, and the Qatar Swimming Federation, for hosting the World Aquatics Masters Championships - Doha 2024. Our deepest appreciation to each and every one of you who contributed to making this event possible. We're fortunate to be able to compete here in world class facilities: the Old Doha Port where open water is being held, the Aspire Dome, where the swimming events and the water polo games will be held, and the Hamad Aquatic Centre, where the diving and artistic swimming will be held.

Seventy percent of the Earth is made up of water. World Aquatics’ vision is a world united by water, for health, life and sport. We are truly united by water. We have thousands of athletes throughout the world, sharing the same passion for aquatic sports, coming together for this championship. This event will showcase athleticism of the competitors representing 85 federations, 964 clubs, and 2594 competitors.

Aquatics is a life saving skill that we can enjoy through our lifetime. Our competitors will inspire people to stay active in aquatic sports. You will show that age has no limit. There will be competitors from the young age of 25, to the wise and inspiring one-hundred year old diver. Today, the first medals of these world championships will be awarded in women's open water swimming, men's 3m diving, and women’s 1m diving.

I have the honour, with the Vice Chairman of the World Aquatics Masters Committee, to declare the World Aquatics Masters Championships - Doha 2024, open!
By Mrs Nadine Day  |  Chairperson, Masters Technical Committee, World Aquatics

May the spirit of sportsmanship, camaraderie, and the love aquatic sports, guide us through this extraordinary event. So stand up and let the championship begin! Good luck everybody.

World Aquatics Masters Championships – Doha 2024

All information for the World Aquatics Masters Championships - Doha 2024 can be found on the dedicated page on the World Aquatics website. Also available is the schedule, general documents including startlists & rosters, as well asl individual results pages for swimming, open water swimming, diving, artistic swimming, and water polo. Competitors should refer to information supplied by the Sportity app using the code WMADOH24

World Aquatics Masters Championships – Singapore 2025

Missed your chance to be part of Doha 2024? The next World Aquatics Masters Championships are just around the corner and will be held in conjunction with the World Aquatics Championships in Singapore in 2025. Further details and dates will be released by World Aquatics later this year.