The schedule for the World Aquatics Diving Recognised Events 2024 season is as follows:

66th International Divers’ Day Rostock

Dates: 18-21 January 2024

Location: Rostock, Germany

2024 American Cup

Dates: 26-28 April 2024

Location: Indianapolis, USA

2024 Canada Cup of Diving

Dates: 2-5 May 2024

Location: Calgary, Canada

46th Bolzano Diving Meeting

Dates: 28-30 June 2024

Location: Bolzano, Italy

2nd Malaysia Open Diving Championships 2024

Dates: 1-4 November 2024

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

How the World Aquatics Diving Recognised Events 2024 Season Will Unfold

Image Source: Pandelela Pamg and Nur Dhabitah Sabri of Malaysia competing in Women's Synchronized 10m Platform finals in Budapest (David Balogh/World Aquatics)

The 2024 World Aquatics Diving Recognised Events season sets off in Rostock, Germany. Diving history at the revered Neptun Swimming Hall dates back to its inaugural event in 1956. Now approaching its 66th edition, Rostock proudly marks its 26th time hosting a World Aquatics diving competition. The city has a distinguished legacy, having consecutively hosted the Diving Grand Prix - the predecessor to the World Aquatics Diving Recognised Events –  for 23 years, from 1998 to 2020.

Next on the Diving Recognised Events 2024 itinerary is Indianapolis, Indiana, in the United States, hosting its eighth World Aquatics event at the renowned Indiana University Natatorium. Known as 'The Nat,' this venue has been a prominent setting for numerous national and international aquatics events, including the USA Olympic Trials and the final of the 2023 Swimming World Cup season.

Image Source: Canada hosting the World Junior Diving Championships in 2022 (Antoine Saito/World Aquatics)

Continuing the North American leg, Calgary, Canada follows suit just four days later. As the largest city in Alberta, Calgary has become a regular fixture on the international diving calendar in recent years, having hosted the Diving Grand Prix in 2018, 2019, and 2022, along with holding the Women’s World Junior Water Polo Championships in 2003.

After Calgary, the Diving Recognised Events 2024 schedule takes a six-week break, a period when the World Aquatics Diving World Cup 2024 tour takes place in Berlin, Germany (21-24 March) and then Xi’an, China (19-21 April) for the Diving World Cup 2024 Super Final.

The European segment of the Diving Recognised Events 2024 schedule resumes with the 46th Bolzano Diving Meet on the final long weekend of June. Bolzano, a gateway to the Italian Alps, boasts a rich history of hosting World Aquatics diving events, including 12 previous editions of the Diving Grand Prix, with a decade-long uninterrupted run from 2010 to 2019.

Image Source: Italy's Elena Bertocchi competing in the Women's 3m Springboard Final at the World Aquatics Championships - Fukuoka 2023 (Clive Rose/Getty Images)

The final confirmed event of the 2024 season will be held during the first week of November in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  The Malaysian capital, renowned in aquatics circles, has previously hosted seven Diving Grand Prix competitions. Expect fervent diving fans to create an electric environment, particularly when local star Pandelela Pamg and her compatriots showcase their talents at the Malaysian National Aquatics Centre in Perbadanan Stadium.

Image Source: Enrique Harold Malaysia competes in the Men's 10m Platform Preliminaries at the World Aquatics Championships - Fukuoka 2023 (Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

World Aquatics President Husain Al-Musallam noted the outsized importance that the World Aquatics Diving Recognised Events has on preparing divers for the championship events in store for 2024.  

"The World Aquatics Diving Recognised Events serve as crucial platforms for athletes and nations aiming to progress towards consistent participation in our Diving World Cup, the World Aquatics Championships, and the Olympic Games," stated President Al-Musallam. "We are proud to announce five exceptional hosts for this competition series, guaranteeing riveting contests.

“These events will provide essential competitive opportunities for our athletes in 2024, as they take those vital developmental dives as they seek success on the Diving World Cup, as well as prepare them in their quest for top results at the World Aquatics Championships and the Olympic Games.”

Image Source: Germany's Moritz Wesemann in action in a men's 3m springboard competition (Istvan Derencsenyi/World Aquatics)

World Aquatics Technical Diving Committee Chair Bashar Al-Saffar commended the five event cities and highlighted the committee's efforts in enhancing the allure of hosting World Aquatics diving events.

“All of our upcoming World Aquatics Diving Recognised Event hosts have a storied history within international diving circles, having hosted prominent events and served as training hubs for both up-and-coming divers and established elite athletes," said Al-Saffar. “This shows significant growth from the previous Diving Recognised Events season in 2023, providing our athletes with increased opportunities at international competitions.

"World Aquatics Diving Recognised Events also hold significant value for judges," Al-Saffar added. "These competitions serve as foundational experiences for judges aspiring to work at major events. A World Aquatics Technical Diving Committee delegate is present at each event, meticulously evaluating the judging performances.

"Maintaining a robust Diving Recognised Events calendar aligns precisely with the objectives we established during our review of the diving event strategy in 2022, a vision that will fully materialise in 2024.”