It was 11 years ago that a pair of Greek sisters displayed water prowess beyond their age in a pool far away from home and it rocketed them to international stardom.

Margarita Plevritou and Eleftheria Plevritou were bright-eyed youngsters on the Greek team that contested the first FINA World Youth Championships in Perth, Western Australia.

Image Source: Supplied by Margarita Plevritou/World Aquatics

From those beginnings, the pair was joined by third sister Vasiliki Plevritou and they first appeared on the senior roster together in 2021 at the Olympic Games Qualification Tournament in Trieste, Italy.

For Margarita, the oldest of the three at 29, she was the first to play for the senior team with Eleftheria (26) and Vasiliki (25) following.

“We started playing water polo in Iraklis Thessalonikis in 2007 and then we moved to Athens to Olympiacos at 2011 where we are still playing,” Margarita said.

Image Source: Supplied by Margarita Plevritou/World Aquatics

Scoring Goals asked Margarita (above) the following questions:

What is your relationship in and out of the water? 

“Our relationship is strong and supportive. We share a deep bond as sisters, which translates into effective teamwork during water polo matches. Outside of the pool, we're not just team-mates, but also close friends, offering each other encouragement and support in all aspects of life.”

What positions do you control in the national team?

“I’m playing the position of centre back; Eleftheria is playing right wing and Vaso left wing.” 

Margarita, do you have to control your sisters at any time?

“No, I don't have to control my sisters. We work together as a team, and there's mutual trust and cooperation among us.”

What is it like working together in a team?

“Working together in a team while playing water polo with my sisters is a unique experience. It strengthens our bond as sisters and requires excellent communication and coordination in the pool. We support each other both in and out of the game, making it a fun and fulfilling team dynamic.”

Do you live close and any social aspects other than water polo?

“Yes, we live close to each other, and our bond goes beyond water polo. Me and Eleftheria have earned our maritime degrees together; enjoy vacations together and engage in various activities outside of the water as well. Our relationship is strong both socially and athletically.”

Was your family sporting?

“Yes, our family has always been enthusiastic about sports. While our parents didn't pursue sports professionally, they encouraged us from a young age to embrace sports and make it a part of our lives, fostering our passion for athletics.”

What support do you receive from your family and friends?

“I receive incredible support from both my family and friends. They understand the challenges I face in my demanding life and provide unwavering encouragement, helping me navigate through it all. Their support is invaluable to me.”

How long do you see yourselves competing at the highest level?

“It's challenging to predict precisely how long we'll compete at the highest level, as it depends on various factors, including our physical condition and passion for the sport. However, we're committed to giving our best for as long as we can, striving to maintain peak performance and contributing to our team's success. My focus is on the present and making the most of my athletic career.”

Image Source: Supplied by Margarita Plevritou/World Aquatics

What have been your highlights as players?

“The highlights of our careers as players have been numerous, filled with intense emotions, both positive and negative, as is often the case in sports. One standout moment we cherish is from last year's European Championships during the semifinal match against Italy (winning and going on to lose to Spain in the final).

How do you see the emergence of such teams as Israel and Argentina?

“I find it truly exciting and enjoyable to see teams like Israel and Argentina emerging and competing in prestigious events like the World Championships and European Championships. It demonstrates the global growth and inclusivity of the sport, bringing together nations from all over the world to celebrate water polo.”

What do you think of the expansion of women's water polo in general and what would you like to see?

“I believe the expansion of women's water polo is a positive development, and I'm thrilled about it. It's a sport that deserves more recognition and attention, especially in countries where it's not as well-known. It would be great to see women's water polo continue to grow and gain the recognition it deserves on a global scale, providing more opportunities for female athletes to excel and inspire others.”

Finally, why are your thoughts on Europeans, Worlds and Olympics in the coming year?

“I have mixed feelings about the upcoming year, which will be challenging due to the many competitions packed into a short timeframe. It's a bit nerve-wracking, but at the same time, I'm eagerly anticipating these events. It's an opportunity to showcase our hard work and dedication in water polo and I'm looking forward to the challenges and rewards these competitions will bring.”

Medals/Trophies won

Margarita Plevritou: 

  • 1st European Junior Championships, 2011 Madrid 
  • 3rd FINA Would League Super Final, 2012 Changshu 
  • 1st in FINA World Youth Championships, 2012 Perth 
  • 3rd FINA World Junior Championships, 2013 Volos
  • 3rd in Mediterranean Games, 2018 Tarragona
  • 1st Europa Cup Super Final, 2018 Oosterhoot
  • 2nd European Championships, 2018 Barcelona
  • 2nd European Championships, 2022 Split

Eleftheria Plevritou: 

  • 3rd FINA World League Super Final, 2012 Changshu
  • 1st World Youth Championships, 2012 Perth
  • 1st European Youth Championships, 2013 Istanbul 
  • 3rd World Junior Championships, 2013 Volos 
  • 1st European Junior Championships, 2014 Ostia
  • 3rd European Junior Championships, 2016 The Hague 
  • 2nd World Junior Championships, 2017 Volos
  • 1st Europa Cup Final 6, 2018 Pontevedra
  • 2nd European Championships, 2018 Barcelona
  • 3rd Mediterranean Games, 2018 Tarragona 
  • 2nd European Championships, 2022 Split  (MVP)
Image Source: Supplied by Margarita Plevritou/World Aquatics

Vasiliki Plevritou (above):

  • 1st European Women’s Youth Championships, 2013 Istanbul 
  • 1st European Women’s Junior Championships, 2014 Ostia
  • 3rd 1st European Games, 2015 Baku 
  • 3rd European Junior Championships, 2016 The Hague 
  • 2nd World Junior Championships, 2017 Volos 
  • 2nd European Championships, 2022 Split