USA Water Polo submitted a protest after the USA-Hungary bronze medal game.

The Protest claimed that with 4:24 remaining in the Fourth Period, and before the USA took a penalty shot, six Hungarian players were in the field of play. With one Hungarian player serving an exclusion penalty during that time of the game, Hungary was allowed five active players.  

The World Aquatics Technical Water Polo Committee (TWPC) reviewed the matter using Video Assistance Referee (VAR) and broadcast footage.

Citing point 4.4 of the Water Polo Competition Regulations – “goals, personal fouls, and timeouts that occurred during the time to be replayed are deleted from the game score sheet” – the TWPC determined the game should be replayed with 4:24 left in the Fourth Period, with seven seconds remaining in the exclusion of the Hungarian player.

The teams from Hungary and the USA were notified and the remaining time of the bronze medal game was played 20 minutes after the gold medal game.

Final results of the World Aquatics Men’s Water Polo World Cup 2023 stand.