The World Aquatics Bureau confirmed the implementation of the Stabilization Committee at its meeting on 14 January 2022. This decision was taken following the repeated failure of the Mexican Swimming Federation to comply with World Aquatics’ good governance standards.

The Mexican Swimming Federation challenged this decision at CAS, but this challenge has been rejected.

This is an extremely important judgement by CAS, as it clearly confirms the ability of the World Aquatics Bureau to install a Stabilization Committee when such action is required. In the case of the Mexican Swimming Federation, the CAS rightly confirmed that the action taken by the World Aquatics Bureau to protect Mexican athletes, clubs, and officials was justified given the repeated and blatant failures of the federation and its leadership.
By Brent Nowicki, Executive Director of World Aquatics

Following receipt of the CAS decision, and following receipt of numerous complaints about the leadership within the Mexican Swimming Federation, World Aquatics further confirms that a disciplinary procedure has been opened up by the Aquatics Integrity Unit (AQIU) against Kiril Todorov, former President of the Mexican Swimming Federation.  In this respect, Todorov has been provisionally suspended by the AQIU pending the outcome of the disciplinary procedure against him.