NEW YORK CITY – With the red carpet turned blue in homage to the aquatics athletes, the fashion-forward looks athletes and their entourages brought for the 2022 Golden Goggle Awards caught the eye of photographers and reporters – including FINA correspondent Aimee Berg. 

Here are some of the styles that swimmers brought for their night out in The City That Never Sleeps – and what inspired their choice. 

Hunter Armstrong

Image Source: Mike Lewis
“I had to step it up this year. This suit is custom designed by me and the Pursuit team."
Image Source: Aimee Berg
"I got to pick the shape, the lining. I’m known as the ‘Magic Man.’ Card tricks are my go-to. I did a couple tricks at last year’s Golden Goggles. It’s tough to say what size this is because it was made for me. I’m 6-foot-7 or 6-foot-8.  The shoes were tough, so these are size 16 slippers.”


Annie Lazor and Bailey Andison

Image Source: Mike Stobe/Getty Images
“I saw this dress on the internet and took a big risk. It’s something I’d never wear. My mom found the earrings. I never wear green, either, especially Christmas green. I’m trying something different in New York.”
By Annie Lazor
Image Source: Aimee Berg
“I’m Annie’s plus-one. I swim for Canada and train with Lilly King and Annie at Indiana University. This is actually Annie’s dress. We call it the Magic Dress. Lots of people tried on this dress.”
By Bailey Andison

Ryan Murphy and fiancée Bridget Konttinen

Image Source: Mike Lewis
“This is Tommy Hilfiger,” Murphy said, checking a tag inadvertently left on the sleeve. “It’s new. It’s the first time I’m wearing it. The turtleneck is very ‘New York.’ My fiancée approved.”

Konttinen on the six-time Olympic medallist's sense of style: 

“He's upped his fashion game the last couple of years.”


Katie Hoff Anderson and Elizabeth Beisel

Image Source: Mike Lewis
“I never wear green so I’m stepping outside my comfort zone. It’s fun and elegant. This is my first Golden Goggles in 10 years. I had to bring it. I got this at Nordstrom’s. It’s also Michigan State green for my husband, Todd Anderson, who played football there.”
By Katie Hoff Anderson
Image Source: Mike Lewis
“It’s cold in New York, and I like velvet and pushing the limits of fashion. There’s no better night to do it than at the Golden Goggles.”
By Elizabeth Beisel

Justin Ress

Image Source: Mike Lewis
“My look is ‘affordable swimmers’ salary’ clothes. Dressing up is not a huge thing for me. I prefer a chill vibe.”

Katie Ledecky

Image Source: Mike Lewis
“This is Ralph Lauren. It’s my first time wearing this dress. I kind of liked the – what do you call this part? The lapel? The lapel, the bow, and a shiny little purse.”

Kieran Smith with girlfriend Julia Restivo

“We’re in New York. I gotta keep it tight. I don’t want to go crazy. I’m wearing a Calvin Klein suit, blue diamond shirt and a blue floral tie. I’m keeping it classy.”

Michael Andrew

Image Source: Mike Stobe/Getty Images
“This is the first time I’ve ever worn a bolo tie in my life. Honestly, it was $9 on Amazon. I started two-stepping and swing dancing now so my cowboy roots are coming out. The rest of this Purple Label Ralph Lauren.”

Lilly King

Image Source: Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The Olympic gold medallist described her look as...

“A disco cowboy suit. It was a last-minute decision. I saw this suit in the window at Express in New York City. I already had the white shoes from my Golden Goggles outfit last year. The necklace is also from Express. Everything was 50% off today!”

Anthony Ervin

Image Source: Aimee Berg
“I forgot my cufflinks so I’m using my ‘OLY’ pin– a [three-letter] designation Olympic athletes are allowed to use after their name, according to the World Olympians Association. The gold pin on the right is a USA Swimming Foundation pin. The pin on my lapel is USA Swimming. I’m a board member. That’s my role here tonight. I’ve become ‘The Man’ – every punk rocker’s nightmare.”

Katie Grimes

Image Source: Mike Lewis
“I was going for a New York-y feel, something fancy. Black came to mind. It’s also a little fun with the pearl straps. The necklace has a pearl, and I have pearly shoes. The pearls draw your eye to each part of the outfit.”

Jamal Hill

Image Source: Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The bronze medalist in the 50m free from the 2020 Paralympics on what he was going for with his evening wardrobe choice:

“I was going for a really casual vibe, borderline Tom Cruise-Miami Vice. Something that says, ‘Damn! That’s an attractive man! but not so much that he can’t be approached.’ I didn’t want to look like I tried too hard.”

Sophie Bacon, Phoebe Bacon and Kate Douglass

Image Source: Aimee Berg

Phoebe (middle, with her sister Sophie): 

“The dress was comfortable and cute. The necklace came up on my Revolve page.”

Kate (right) on her look: 

“I was looking for a simple black dress with a little excitement – with a cutout and a slit – and this one had both.”

Charlie Clark

Image Source: Aimee Berg

Charlie on his maroon velvet suit choice:

“I felt it would kinda stand out. I got it at Men’s Warehouse in Columbus, Ohio because I go to Ohio State. I bought it for this event.”

Mariah Denigan 

Image Source: Mike Stobe/Getty Images
“I got the dress and heels on Amazon. I got the inspiration off a TikTok’er. Blake Lively inspired my hair and makeup.”

Torrie Huske

Image Source: Mike Lewis
“I just got it from a Windsor store. Green is one of my favourite colours.”

Brooks Curry

Image Source: Mike Lewis
“I wanted to change it up this year.”

Brooks, what's the story with all that metal? Looks like some hardware from your time at Louisiana State University.

Image Source: Aimee Berg
“The rings are from the NCAAs, SEC Championships, and the Olympics. The SEC one is really heavy.”

Jessica Long

Image Source: Mike Lewis
“I wore this dress to the Emmys last year when I presented [the award for Outstanding Competition Series to “RuPaul’s Drag Race”] with [US track star] Allyson Felix. I wanted to see if I could fit into it again this year.”