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Languages spoken:

English, Cantonese, Mandarin.

Election/Studies: Graduated in 2019 from the University of Michigan with a degree in Psychology.

Hope to pursue a Master in Psychology so as to become a Clinical Psychologist.

Professional Activities: I am currently a professional Swimming Athlete.

Why I am running for the FINA Athletes’ Committee:

I want to act as a voice for all athletes, especially those from the Asian community, so that athletes' viewpoints remain at the heart of any decisions made by FINA. I also want to promote a culture of clean sport, to ensure all athletes are competing on a level playing field.


Languages Spoken: English

Election/Studies: BA (Hons) Business with Marketing.

Professional Activities: Public relations assistant (2022)

CrossFit Coach at CrossFit Kampala (2020-2021)

Why I am running for the FINA Athletes’ Committee: At the end of any FINA World Championships, the athlete leaves with something to be proud of; perhaps they set a new world record, or a new personal best time. Or they can be proud knowing that out of the hundreds of others, their country deemed them the best athlete to represent them at a global event.

This highlights an important fact that FINA caters to a range of swimmers that are at different levels of performance.

I believe that for every athlete to feel seen and know that their voice is heard, they need to see themselves in those that are speaking on their behalf, representation of all voices is necessary. 

I am running for the FINA Athletes Committee, because I want to give back to the sport that has shaped my life and who I am in so many positive ways. The passion, dedication and sense of community stay with me today, and I would strive to ensure that all athletes can experience the same thing.

I recognise the importance of the different levels that make up the world of swimming and I want to be a representative for those athletes who see themselves in me or my swimming journey. Athletes from all parts of the world should feel confident that their experiences and contributions are valued; that they will shape the development of the sport both in their time and for the generations to follow.


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Languages Spoken: English, and Papiamento (Aruba's native language) fluently while I can certainly speak Spanish as well, though my grammar is not perfect there. I have no issues understanding Spanish.

Election / Studies: I graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 2018 with a B.Sc in Parks, Recreation and Tourism with an emphasis in Sport Management and a Minor in Business. 

Professional Activities: I started my own swimming club in Aruba in January 2020, Giants Aquatics Aruba. We have since grown to be the second biggest club on the island with over 50 club swimmers and over 30 masters swimmers. I achieved my Level 1 and Level 2 FINA Coaches Certification in 2018 and 2020, respectively. 

Starting in August 2022, I will also be spearheading a class at EduCampus Aruba (Hybrid online/in-person school with American grading system). The course will focus on teaching in-depth swimming techniques to the students. Additionally, I will be assisting the older student-athletes in find Universities where they might be a fit as well as reaching out to those coaches in an attempt to earn athletic scholarships on those teams.

I was part of the Athletes' Committee of the Aruban Olympic Committee (COA) from November 2018 to January 2022 and served as its Chair from January 2020 onwards. 

Why I am running for the FINA Athletes’ Committee:

I am running for the FINA Athletes' Committee because I feel it is the best way to find, create and ensure opportunities for athletes across the world to reach their potential. Just as I am creating an opportunity for Aruban swimmers, from scratch, for them to get the best chance at find a university to swim at and transition easier, I am willing and looking forward to being part of the FINA Athletes' Committee who will serve all aquatic athletes worldwide and ensure the best scenarios and opportunities for them.


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Languages spoken: German, English, Spanish, French and Polish

Election / Studies: I am a high school teacher, mother of two and a competitive high diver since 2005

Active member of the FINA Athletes’ Committee since 2018

Why I am running for the FINA Athletes’ Committee:

The cooperation and exchange with high level athletes from all over the world and representatives of the different aquatic disciplines has been extremely rewarding. 

I wish to continue the work in order to improve transparency and give athletes a voice. To help develop a more democratic process- this election is a crucial step into the right direction! 

The second mission is to promote the discipline of High Diving as the beautiful and fascinating sport that it is… hopefully on its road to the Olympic Games in Paris… 


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Languages: Spoken and written: English, German, French and Luxembourgish

Studies: BSc Sport, Fitness and Coaching (in education)

National certified strength and conditioning coach in Austria. (highest certification in Austria)

Certified Coach for diving, Parkour, Trampoline and fitness

Professional activities: Personal training, group fitness, diving coach, strength and conditioning for high performance athletes in various sports. Lecturer for fitness. Active high Diver.

Why I am running for the FINA athletes' committee: I love diving, high diving and all kinds of water sports. I think with my experience of 20 years in high diving and my professional knowledge, I can help other athletes and the sport.


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Languages Spoken: English

Election/Studies: I am not studying currently as my main focus is now the next couple of years leading up to Paris 2024.  I would love to study one day and that day will come but not just yet 😊 I must say though that studying is not “always through” a book and the life “studying” I am gaining at the moment is just truly a blessing and one that can only benefit me in my years to come.

Professional Activities: Swimmer

Why I am running for the FINA Athletes’ Committee: Firstly, I would like to say that it has been an absolute honour to be considered for the committee.  My life, my love, my drive, my passion is the pool.  Being part of a swimming team, squad, training partners etc is very special and the bond one can form can be friendships that I can look forward to lasting a lifetime.  I realise I am still young, but I understand how committed an athlete and their “team” have to be to excel at one of the highest levels.  I would love the opportunity to give input into the sport at the highest level.  I believe it is important for all voices to be heard, and for decisions to be made as a team – a team that stives for the best.  Being able to represent my fellow swimmers and help develop and grow the sport for everyone’s benefit is something I feel strongly about.

I have had a saying since I was probably 9 years old – “Why crawl when you can fly!” LET’S GO TEAM FINA 😊


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Language: English

Election/Studies: Bachelor of Business (Sport Management) with Distinctions / Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science  

Professional activities: Management Consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers (Australia)

Why I am running for Fina Athletes’ Committee: I would be honored to be an athlete representative on the Fina Athletes' committee to serve as a voice for all athletes and represent athletes from the Oceania continent. I understand the importance of the position in ensuring the athletes are at the heart of every decision that supports Fina to continue to deliver on it's mission to elevate the importance of aquatics worldwide. 


Languages Spoken: French (Native language), English (fluent), Italian (fluent), Spanish (beginner)

Election/Studies: Master in Business Administration in America

Professional Activities: Project manager in the commercial department at headquarter of Veolia France and Open Water Swimmer

Why I am running for the FINA Athletes’ Committee: I have always loved to be involved in my sport.

As a US alumni I've been captain of the swim team in my university. It has always been a part of me to manage things and to be able to make changes in a positive way.

As I am getting to a higher level in my sport it is important for me to get more involved in it. I've been swimming for over 20years now, so I have a lot of experience and I would like to give back to my sport what it brings me.

It is also a pleasure to be able to help others. In my opinion current athletes can make changes and their voices are important because they can see on the field what is going on and from their experiences modify things or make progress in any way if needed.

I managed to study and do my sport my whole life so I think I can give a good image of an athlete. In fact, athletes have a lot of time, not the best image and are associated with "a lot of muscles and no brain". I've got an MBA in America and I would like to show that it is possible to study, do high level sport and be involved in your sport or an association.

As you could read above, I can speak 3 languages which are English, Italian and French. I am also a beginner in Spanish. I think the fact that I can speak a few languages, as well as being in contact with a few international swimmers can help me in this position.

I am currently involved in the Athlete Committee from the LEN and having the opportunity to be involved in both LEN and FINA would be great. These two entities have to work together to make big things happen.


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Languages Spoken: Dutch and English

Studies: Bachelor’s in business administration

Professional Activities: Finishing my Bachelor’s, member of the FINA Athletes’ Committee and treasurer of the Dutch NOC Athletes’ Committee.

Why I am running for the FINA Athletes’ Committee:

Dear Swimmers,

In 2012 I swam my first World Cup and I have raced many international races until my last (professional) race at the Tokyo Olympics. Thinking back to the organization of those early world cups for me, the sport has grown a lot towards a professional sport. However, the last few years the growth seems to have slowed down.

I think that there is still much to improve in the open water and to do so there is the need for a clear vision and direction. This vision must be carried throughout FINA, by the coaches and athletes, by the FINA office and bureau. This vision must be in the back of our heads at making every decision and our guideline towards the future.

Wishing you all the best in Budapest!


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Languages: Swedish, English, German.

Studies: University of Nebraska, USA.  IHM Business School Stockholm.

Professional: Swimming school and learn to swim program for school children in Sweden. Written two children's book on swimming. Designed swim and sportswear in sweden. Working with healthy habits and helping companies with sustainable employees for IMR.

Swimming professional: Competing for Sweden, I have won 72 international medals, including three Olympic medals, 25 World Championship medals and 43 European Championship medals, and set 14 World Records in my career. Specialising in the freestyle and butterfly short distances, I am proud to be the only female swimmer to compete in six Olympic Games and also be the oldest to win an individual FINA World Championship title.

Why I’m running for FINA Athletes Committee: Swimming has had a huge impact on my life and who I’ve become as a person.

I want swimming to evolve in a positive direction, being a space for personal growth, community, equality and belonging for each and everyone.

I believe it's important to make all swimmers' voices heard and to work for longevity in sports. To work for fair and the best possible conditions for all athletes during Championships.


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Languages Spoken: Arabic, English

Election/Studies: Carnegie Mellon University- Qatar (B.Sc. Business Administration, Minor: Ethics, Track: General Management), Master’s degree: University of Lleida (LLM) – Sports Law

Professional Activities: QOC, Sports Affairs Department – Head of Olympic Solidarity Unit.

Why I am running for the FINA Athletes’ Committee: As an athlete myself, I am fulfilling that experience and is very familiar which athletes’ desires in the sport, and so I would be an effective link between the athletes and FINA. I continue to excel and make a difference, inspiring change in the community and being the best, I can be when it comes to practicing the sport, I am passionate about. My goal is to empower Athlete Representation and experience in the FINA community, especially to the organization of FINA World Championships, support Athlete Development in their sporting and non-sporting careers, promote and involve participating athletes’ suggestions and remarks across the FINA community.

Margarita Plevritou – WATERPOLO / FEMALE

Image Source: FINA Archive

Languages Spoken: Greek and English 

Studies: Bachelor of Science in Maritime Studies 

Professional Activities: Professional water polo athlete 

Why I am running for the FINA Athletes' Committee: With my experience of the past 11 years being part of the Greek national team and participation to many World Championships, I would like to transfer all the concerns and suggestions of the athletes in my sport to the Organisation of FINA  . As an active athlete this will be easier to get in touch with all the water polo players. 


Image Source: Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Languages Spoken: I speak English, Italian and Greek ( Croatian as native of course )

Studies: I have graduated in economics at Faculty of Economics, University of Split, Croatia

Professional Activities: After sports career I am now special advisor to the Minister of tourism and sports in Croatia

Why I am running for the FINA Athletes' Committee: I am running for the FINA Athletes' Committee because I think there is a space to improve position of water polo players on behalf of their employment status, question about calendar, contracts with clubs etc...

Felipe Perrone Rocha (ESP) – WATERPOLO / MALE

Image Source: FINA Archive

Languages Spoken: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Serbian and Croatian

Election/Studies: University Degree in Business Administration and Postgraduate in Sport Management

Professional Activities: Professional Water Polo player

Why I am running for the FINA Athletes’ Committee:

My dear colleagues,

Since 2001 I have been playing in international competitions and I  am currently holding the role of the Capitan of the Spanish national Waterpolo team. In these 21 years I have been able to learn from and share a lot of experiences with other professional and amateur athletes. I have also been able to follow and celebrate the amazing growth of women's water polo, specially in Spain.      

My Water polo career allowed me to see the reality and characteristics of our sport all around the world.  As a Brazilian-born, I have also had a chance to play for the  Brazilian national team. This gave me the opportunity to experience the water polo from both European and Non-European perspective.

All this experience makes me feel confident to be a good representative of athlete’s opinions and to finally have an active voice on decisions which affect direct the sport that we love.

FINA is considering many changes in our sport, which makes it even more important to have a cooperative and strong position. I will try to do my best to help FINA on this journey to make our sport bigger all around the world.

I would like to thank you for your kind attention for considering me as your representative. I am at your full disposal in case there are points you wish to discuss of the Election.

Robin Randall (CAN) – WATERPOLO / MALE

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Languages Spoken: I speak English

Election/Studies: I have a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science, with a Philosophy minor and a post-graduate certificate in Applied Learning Disability Studies. I was the founding and 2 x Chair of the Water Polo Canda Athletes' Council as well as the Secretary of AthletesCAN Board of Directors.

Professional Activities: I am currently an Assistive Technology Advisor at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Why I am running for the FINA Athletes’ Committee: I am running for the FINA Athletes' Committee because I am passionate about creating an athlete-centric sport system and collaborating with FINA Board Members to lift aquatics to the highest level. Sport has the power to change the world, and together we can do it!

Filip Filipovic (SRB) – WATERPOLO / MALE

Image Source: Adam Pretty - Getty Images Europe

Languages Spoken: I am speaking English, Italian, Serbian and I understand Spanish language with some basic knowledge of speaking.

Election/Studies: I am at the last year of University of Organization Science in Belgrade (FON) 

Professional Activities: Professional player in Olimpiakos waterpolo club, member of executive board in Partizan Waterpolo club 

Why I am running for the FINA Athletes’ Committee: I am running for Athlete Committee from view reasons. First is to create bonding between athletes and FINA organization. There is so many ideas that we suppose to discuss also how we can improve our visibility in media in next year. Where we can motivate athletes to actively participate in same goal ecc . 


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Languages Spoken: Native language: Chinese; fluent in English;

Election/Studies: PHD degree in sports training, Southwest University; China

Professional Activities: Professional athlete in diving from 1995-2021

Personal achievements include: 4 Olympic gold medals; 7 World championships gold medals; 6 World cup gold medals; 4 Asian games gold medals; 3 National games gold medals.

Why I am running for the FINA Athletes’ Committee: Dear fellow players, if there's one thing that brings as much joy as the competition, that's the spirit of helping each other, and shout out as much as we can to have our voices perceived . I want to be the part of the FINA Athletes Committee, because I love aquatics and i love diving, In my athletics career, there are not only laughs and cheers, but also tears and sweat. At this time, for those young athletes, I'm willing to bring up all my experiences and the lessons I have learned, and I really wish it helps you to seek more possibilities in your current or future athletics career.

Ana Marcela Cunha (BRA) – OPEN WATER / FEMALE

Image Source: Chung Sung-Jun - Getty Images AsiaPac

Spoken languages: I speak Portuguese, English, Spanish.

Studies and professional activities: In addition to a high-performance athlete, I am launching an Institute with the aim of teaching needy people to swim.

Why I am running for the FINA Athletes’ Committee: I am running for the FINA Athletes’ Committee because I believe that I can contribute positively to the growth of the sport.


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Languages Spoken: English

Studies: BS Environmental Studies, University of Southern California

Professional activities: Athlete

Why I am running for the FINA Athletes’ Committee: I have been representing a small nation on the world stage of swimming for 8 years. This has given me a unique experience and perspective on the sport at a global level. I am running for FINA athlete commission to represent the underrepresented nations and unheard voices in our sport, with hopes to improve equality, opportunities and exposure for the next generation of athletes.


Image Source: Quinn Rooney - Getty Images AsiaPac

Languages Spoken: Arabic and English

Studies: Engineering

Professional Activities: 2x Olympian (Rio 2016 & Tokyo 2020), 4 world Championships (2013 – 2019 and counting), world cups (2012 – 2014) comen cup 2011

Why I am running for the FINA Athletes’ Committee: I am Nehal Saafan, 25 y/o and I’m an Artistic swimmer. I decided to run for the FINA Athletes’ Committee determined to make a change. I come from Egypt where there we daily face a great many challenges as unfortunately, the true value of sports is hardly recognized in comparison to the importance of education. I can sincerely state, that being an athlete has had an enormous positive impact on my mental, physical nd emotional health.

A great many athletes in Egypt especially females, don’t get the much needed support to actively continue with their sport. Hence; sadly, quit at a very young age. I’m running as a committee member to show them that, there are more to sports than merely rigorous training. There are priceless experiences and wonderful interactions with others that can help boost their future careers.

There are people that are willing to listen patiently and help seek solutions for their problems. Therefore, to make them feel that they’re actually being heard and represented, I’m here to grasp this unique opportunity to make use of all the experiences I acquire, humbly share mine and help the FINA community unite and flourish.


Image Source: Mark Runnacles - Getty Images Europe

Language: English

Education: Pennsylvania State University

Shane Ryan is a 2x Irish Olympian who specializes in Backstroke and Freestyle.  An English-speaking, dual citizen of Ireland and the United States, Ryan lives outside of Dublin and competes professionally for the Irish National Team.  Ryan graduated from The Pennsylvania State University, where he majored in Recreational Park and Tourism Management (RPTM).  His professional swimming career includes medals from both the European and World Championships.  Having been to almost every swim meet offered to the world’s top athletes, Ryan hopes to use his more than ten years of international experience to uplift and highlight athlete’s voices.  

Ryan is currently recovering from a shoulder injury which warranted surgery in December.  Injury is an unfortunate element of sport, especially at a high-level.  Almost all athletes can recall a time when they were injured in some way during their athletic career and can attest to how it affects their identity, self-worth and mental health. Through this injury, Ryan has found a passion in advocating for athlete’s voices both in and out of the water.  

Additionally, in 2013, prior to his move to Ireland, Ryan competed for the USA National team.  This dual-nation experience gives Ryan the unique perspective to offer inputs and insights from two separate national teams and their organizational systems.  Ryan hopes to help strengthen the relationship of athletes across continents and be a representative of the many athlete voices within FINA Europe.