When there's an international aquatics event going on, Hungarian photographer Istvan Derencsenyi is a familiar face on the pool deck capturing memorable moments. In Montenegro, Derencsenyi was in the competition arena, working for the Hungarian Water Polo Federation

We caught up with the photographer as he shared three of his favourite photos from the event – along with a little insight about what went into capturing each of the images. 

Light & Shadows | Clicking it up a notch

"Apart from making the traditional action shots, it’s also fun to play with the lights, the shadows, especially when you have the rare occasion to enjoy a water polo match in almost natural lights despite being played indoors – this shot was inspired by this opportunity." - Istvan Derencsenyi


Finding their Focus | Showing the tiny details

"In order to be successful in the game, you need to be absolutely focused - and that has never been so true as today when only tiny details separate the winner from the loser. So I love to shoot pics which show athletes gathering focus, even during the warm-up phase." - Istvan Derencsenyi


Behind the Scenes | Revealing moments before the big occasion

"These days fans are really keen to see behind-the-scene shots featuring the athletes’ preps for the big occasion which is not visible to the audience as the broadcast/stream shows only the ‘official part’ of the event, the match and some minutes before it. However, it’s always great to reveal some moments before the big occasion as those are also essential parts of the big game itself."  - Istvan Derencsenyi