LAUSANNE (Switzerland) — Since you can remember, you have had a passion and purpose for aquatics. Whether it be the pool, open water or the diving platform, you fell in love with your sport. You paired this passion with poise and professionalism to rise to the sport’s upper ranks. 

After years of chasing high performance, you might be interested in trying out a new career path — especially one that draws on your skills and experience as an athlete

Perhaps you would like to give back to the aquatics community, stay connected to your sporting roots while also cultivating a professional career path beyond the field of play. But, where does one begin? 

If you’re determined to unearth this side of your talent around water, here’s your chance to join the global governing body of aquatics sport.

FINA wants to tap into your talents to help us deliver the biggest and most exciting aquatics events in 2022. We are offering a new opportunity of two paid six-month internships for athletes that competed at an elite international level in the past four years. This includes the 18th FINA World Championships in Gwangju in 2019, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, and the 14th and 15th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) editions, respectively.

Best of all, you’ll be an integral member of FINA’s hard-working and knowledgeable sports operations team and have an opportunity to work at some of our upcoming events in 2022!

Wherever you are, this is your shot. Take it. Be original, be yourself and show us your love and knowledge for aquatics sports. To put yourself in the candidate pool, it’s as simple as sending FINA your CV alongside a letter expressing your interest in the internship. Don’t delay; we hope to hear from you today.

WHO WE’RE LOOKING FOR: You are an Aquatics athlete that competed at an international-level championship in the last four years and possess a native or working-level of English. We will give extra consideration to candidates that have earned a four-year university degree. 

WHAT YOU’LL DO: You will work with local organising committees, liaise with national swimming federations and operate between various FINA departments and stakeholders to manage and run competitions in Swimming, Artistic Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Diving, High Diving, Water Polo, and Masters.

WHEN’S THE START DATE: We are pretty flexible on the start date, but we prefer to have an internship position (up to six months in duration) begin in both the spring and the fall of 2022. 

WHICH EVENTS WOULD YOU BE FOCUSED ON: The intern starting in the spring would have a focus on helping deliver the FINA World Championships this summer in Budapest, various Water Polo fixtures, and the 16th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) this December in Kazan (RUS). 

HOW TO APPLY: To apply, please send your CV and cover letter expressing your interest in the internship (500 words max) to