The first leg of the 2021 FINA Diving Grand Prix, hosted virtually by Canada, allowed 34 athletes from Great Britain, Canada, Slovakia and the United States, competing from six different locations, to measure against each other in real-time this weekend from May 27-30.

In the men's competition, Cedric Fofana and Ethan Pitman of Canada excelled in the 3m and 10m event, respectively gathering 393.65 and 424.60 points. Great Britain took the top spot in both synchro events, with Leon Baker / Tyler Humphreys (360.40) topping the 3m and Ben Cutmore / Robbie Lee (364.25) winning the 10m.

In the women's competition, Kristen Hayden (from a national club) and Celina Toth representing Canada, claimed gold in the 3m and 10m. Hayden scored 314.15 points in the spingboard, while Toth collected 314.35 points in the platform. Hayden also partnered with Margo O'Meara in the 3m synchro for gold (268.00).

This virtual event, managed through five virtual locations across Canada, proved to be highly successful. Ahead of the event, each competing nations received equipment with a Dejero transmitter provided to help with the filming of the event. The transmitter was connected to the pool's hard-wired internet connection and provided transmission rates of less than one second. The transmission was then sent to Integrated Sports' video-production system in Canada, with the video then sent to a website which allowed judges to watch and score athletes in real time. More info here.

Videos of the event are available on FINA Youtube Channel.

The FINA Diving Grand Prix will next stop in Bolzano (ITA) from July 2-4.

Medallists of the first leg:

3m springboard: 1. Cedric Fofana (CAN) 393.65; 2. Cameron Gammage (GBR) 392.15; 3. Hugo Thomas (GBR) 369.40
10m platform: 1. Ethan Pitman (CAN) 424.60; 2. Matt Cullen (CAN) 410.10; 3. Ben Cutmore (GBR) 404.10
3m springboard synchronised: 1. Leon Baker / Tyler Humphreys (GBR) 360.40; 2. Euan Mccabe / Hugo Thomas (GBR) 321.45
10m platform synchronised: 1. Ben Cutmore / Robbie Lee (GBR) 364.25

3m springboard: 1. Kristen Hayden (CLUB) 314.15; 2. Olivia Chamandy (CAN) 282.60; 3. Katelyn Fung (CAN) 271.50
10m platform: 1. Celina Toth (CAN) 314.35; 2. Kate Miller /(CAN) 283.05; 3. Katelyn Fung (CAN) 277.50
3m springboard synchronised: 1. Kristen Hayden / Margo O'Meara (CLUB) 268.00; 2. Tilly Brown / Evie Smith (GBR) 246.65

2021 FINA Diving Grand Prix calendar (provisional):

#1 Canada (virtual) - May 27-30
#2 Bolzano (ITA) - July 2-4
#3 Madrid (ESP) - TBC
#4 Gold Coast (AUS)- TBC