Watch the Interview to Spain's head coach Miguel Oca!

Miki, the last time you played in Budapest against Russia, it was 13 month ago, the grand final of the European Championships, in front of 5000 people. Now it’s an empty pool, it’s Russia again, tell us what happened to you, to the team during these 13 month.

We are now here in Budapest but in very different circumstances. Then there was the European Championship in a crowded pool, full of people and we played the final. Well, those 13 months were very difficult for everybody, for every team. Now we are trying to build up the team again and prepare it for the Olympics.

You attended university for a coaching course and you were taught many things but definitely you didn’t hear anything about how to prepare a team after a long one-year break. Perhaps you have to improvise...

Yes, we improvise as this is the first time for everybody! First time for me, and I don’t know how to go on, we have to think every day how to prepare the team, restart everything, do the basic things in order to get higher.

Was that the biggest challenge to keep up motivation or this is not a problem for a team like Spain?

Well, I don’t think that was a problem. I think for everybody the Olympic Games is big enough to be motivated. The girls are hungry and want to be ready for the Olympics.

Where do you see your team now and in a couple of month time?

We’ll see. This is just the beginning, we couldn’t really train well in the previous months, but we’ll see how is going to be but we’ll do our very best for sure.