The 3rd edition of the FINA World Junior Open Water Swimming Championships concluded this afternoon in Hoorn (NED) with the mixed relay events in two age categories - 14-16 years old and U19.

Team Italy (gold in 14-16) and Germany (gold in U19) were the winners of the mixed events, while Hungary, Great Britain and France were other nations on the podium. Detailed results available here

In the individual events, Russia's Daniil Orlov clinched gold in the 5km event, touching home in 59.27.9, while Spain's Eric Vilaregut and Hector Pardoe (GBR) bagged the silver and bronze in this order.

Logan Fontaine (FRA) topped the 7.5km in 1:25:06.8, as Michael Rrinegar (USA) and Simon Lamar (USA) followed.

Promising Hungarian Kristof Rasovsky marked an exciting milestone in his swimming career as he took gold in the 10km race, in front of Chinese Qiao Zhongyi and Andrea Manzi from Italy, one of the dominant forces of the three-day competition.

Looking at the girls' performances, Liu Xiaohan, 14, headed the group and won the 5km race in 1:03:48.0, while Italy's Giulia Berton took silver and Maria Romero (ESP) bronze.

In the 16-17 age group, Paula Ruiz of Spain claimed the victory in the 7.5km, almost 3 seconds before France's Oceane Cassignol and Chinese Fuwei Dong.

The 10km circuit was won by Alice Dearing of Great Britain 2:04:25.1 who was the best in action, beating Hungary's Nikoletta Kiss (silver) and Russia's Valeriia Ermakova (bronze).

Medallists in Hoorn


5km - 1. Daniil Orlov (RUS) 59.27.9; 2. Eric Vilaregut (ESP) 59:54.5; 3. Hector Pardoe (GBR) 59:55.0
7.5km - 1. Logan Fontaine (FRA) 1:25:06.8; 2. Michael Brinegar (USA) 1:26:54.2; 3. Simon Lamar (USA) 1:26:56.1
10km - 1. Kristof Rasovsky (HUN) 1:53:01.7; 2. Qiao Zhongyi (CHN) 1:53:32.0; 3. Andrea Manzi (ITA) 1:53:36.9


5km - 1. Liu Xiaohan (CHN) 1:03:48.0; 2. Giulia Berton (ITA) 1:03:50.9; 3. Maria Romero (ESP) 1:03:53.6
7.5km - 1. Paula Ruiz (ESP) 1:29:55.7; 2. Oceane Cassignol (FRA) 1:32:31.0; 3. Fuwei Dong (CHN) 1:32:34.8
10km - 1. Alice Dearing (GBR) 2:04:25.1; 2. Nikoletta Kiss (HUN) 2:04:26.6; 3. Valeriia Ermakova (RUS) 2:04:27.0


4x1,25km (14-16) - 1. Italy 58:06.4; 2. Hungary 58:09.1; 3. Great Britain 58:12.6
4x1,25km (U19) - 1. Germany 56:06.2; 2. Italy 56:07.4; 3. France 56:19.8