The first leg of the 2016 circuit of the Swimming World Cup kicks-off today in Paris-Chartres, France, going back to the competitive 25m-length format.

With 36 events on the programme, around 115 international swimmers, including Rio 2016 medallists (see Start List), gathered in the city for the two-day competition which was officially launched on Thursday August 25 with a press conference attended by discipline stars Katinka Hosszu (HUN), Chad Le Clos (RSA), Jeremy Stravius (FRA) and Florent Manaudou (FRA).

Among the officials present at the press conference were French Swimming Federation (FFN) President Francis Luyce, FFN Technical Director Jacques Favre, NEO President Dominique Bahon, FINA TSC Member Andrii Vlaskov and Vice-President Chartres Metropole Karine Dorange.

Hosszu (HUN) and Le Clos (RSA) ©KMSP/S.KEMPINAIRE

Asked about her still fresh and very successful memories from the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Hosszu said:

“I still can’t believe that I have won 3 gold medals! It hasn’t sunk in yet but I am very pleased.”

“As usual I have registered for many events at the World Cup because I want to have fun. I might achieve another World Record, who knows?!”

“First I need to get used to the 25m format again. It is a lot more competitive.”

Le Clos, emphasizing on Hosszu’s opinion about the 25m pool, added:

“It is great to be back to the 25m-pool as we all have Windsor in mind. Our objective is to achieve good performances at the World Swimming Championships in Windsor so this format gives us one more opportunity to get ready.” 

Manaudou and Stravius (FRA) ©KMSP/S.KEMPINAIRE

France’s Manaudou briefly came back on his Rio 2016 performances:

“I was of course a little bit disappointed but it is still a great feeling to come home with two Olympic silver medals.”

“I haven’t been in the pool since Rio, except yesterday in my sister’s swimming pool (Laure Manaudou) so we will see how this event goes for me.”

The Paris-Chartres leg will be broadcast in 211 territories through 18 TV channels as FINA official Vlaskov underlined.

The event, as will all the legs, will also be live streamed on FINA TV.  

The competition’s schedule unfolds as follows:

Friday 26/08/2016 - Day 1 - Heats: 09.30 Finals: 17.00
• 100m Freestyle Men
• 200m Freestyle Women
• 50m Breaststroke Men
• 100m Breaststroke Women
• 100m Butterfly Women
Award Ceremonies
• 100m Backstroke Men
• 50m Backstroke Women
• 200m Butterfly Men
• 200m IM Women
Award Ceremonies
• 400m Freestyle Men
• 50m Freestyle Women
• 200m Breaststroke Men
• 100m IM Men
Award Ceremonies
• 200m Backstroke Women
• 50 m Butterfly Men
Award Ceremonies
• 4 x 50 m Medley Mixed
• 800m Freestyle Women
• 400m IM Men
Award Ceremonies

Saturday 27/08/2016 - Day 2 – Heats: 09.30 Finals: 16.00
• 100m Freestyle Women
• 200m Freestyle Men
• 50m Breaststroke Women
• 100m Breaststroke Men
• 100m Butterfly Men
Award Ceremonies
• 100m Backstroke Women
• 50m Backstroke Men
• 200m Butterfly Women
• 200m IM Men
Award Ceremonies
• 400m Freestyle Women
• 50m Freestyle Men
• 200m Breaststroke Women
• 100m IM Women
Award Ceremonies
• 200m Backstroke Men
• 50 m Butterfly Women
Award Ceremonies
• 4 x 50 m Freestyle Mixed
• 1500m Freestyle Men
• 400m IM Women
Award Ceremonies


2016 FINA/airweave Swimming World Cup Calendar:

Cluster 1:
Paris-Chartres (FRA) - August 26-28
Berlin (GER) - August 30-31
Moscow (RUS) - September 3-4

Cluster 2:
Beijing (CHN) - September 30-October 1
Dubai (UAE) - October 4-5
Doha (QAT) - October 8-9

Cluster 3:
Singapore (SIN) - October 21-22
Tokyo (JPN) - October 25-26
Hong Kong (HKG) - October 29-30