The penultimate meet of the FINA/HOSA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup 2017 took place on Sunday October 15 in Chun'an, China, where 79 swimmers took the plunge in Qiandao Lake.

Hungary's Kristof Rasovszky and Brazil's Ana Marcela Cunha emerged victorious of the men and the women races respectively, after video replay technology had to be applied.

While Rasovszky and Allan Do Carmo (BRA) touched home at the same time in 1h21m52s4, Rasovszky was granted with the victory and Do Carmo took silver. Fernanto Ponte of Brazil completed the podium in 1h31m54s9. Olympic champion Ferry Weertman (NED) came fourth in 1:31:56.9.

In the women's race, Cuhna and Arianna Bridi (ITA) clocked the same time of 1h37m29s2, but Cuhna took gold. Brazil's Viviane Jungblut took bronze.

The 2017 circuit of the World Cup will conclude in Hong Kong (HKG) next Saturday, October 21. A final ranking will be established and prize money will be distributed accordingly.

Check the provisional ranking here (up to Lac Megantic)

MEDALLISTS IN CHUN'AN (detailed results here)

1. Kristof Rasovszky (HUN) 1:31:52.4; 2. Allan Do Carmo (BRA) 1:31:52.4; 3. Fernando Ponte (BRA) 1:31:54.9

1. Ana Marcela Cunha (BRA) 1:37:29.2; 2. Arianna Bridi (ITA) 1:37:29.2; 3. Viviane Jungblut (BRA) 1:37.30.8

FINA/HOSA 10km MSWC 2017 Calendar

1. Patagones-Viedma (ARG) - February 4
2. Abu Dhabi (UAE) - March 11
3. Setubal (POR) - June 24
4. Lac St Jean (CAN) - July 27
5. Lac Megantic (CAN) - August 12
6. Chun'An (CHN) - October 15
7. Hong Kong (HKG) - October 21