The penultimate leg of the FINA Diving Grand Prix 2017 drew to a close on Sunday November 5, as local heroes, Mark and Timothy Lee, scored exactly 366 points to finish in third place in the men's 3m synchro behind the Republic of Korea’s Kim Yeongnam and Woo Haram (438.18), and Russia’s Vlacheslav Novoselov and Evgenii Novoselov (396.90).

The last competition day was also highlighted by the DPR Korea's pair formed of Kim Mi Hwa and Kim Kwang Hui leading in the women’s synchro 10m, as the young divers scored 311.94 points. Suji Kim and Cho Eunbi (KOR) claimed the silver medal with 298.71 points and Great Britain’s Emily Martin and Eden Cheng took home the bronze with 250.62 points.

World Champion, Wang Han (CHN) settled for silver (363.90) in the women's 3m event in Singapore, while teammate Chen Yiwen defeated her (368.35). Suji Kim of the Republic of Korea claimed the bronze with a score of 322.35.

Tai Xiaohu (CHN) clinched China gold in the men's 10m as he fought off the challenge from Australia’s Brodie Scapens and Great Britain’s Kyle Kothari. Tai, who had also won in Malaysia a week ago, finished with a score of 460.45, with Scapens’ score of 438.20 good for the silver and Kothari repeating his feat of a bronze medal from Malaysia with a score of 413.95.

Earlier in the competition, Kim Yeongnam (KOR) clinched gold in the men’s 3m final ahead of World champion Peng Jian Feng and Liu Cheng Ming of China on Day 2 of the FINA Diving Grand Prix at the OCBC Aquatic Centre.

Kim Yeongnam also won Korea another gold medal when he teamed up with Woo Haram as they beat Belarus’ Vadim Kaptur and Artsiom Barouski in the men’s 10m synchro event, scoring 381.27 to the Belarussians’ 376.17. Ukraine’s Oleg Serbin and Yevgen Naumenko finished third with a score of 347.58.

Great Britain took its first and unique gold medal as Scarlett Mew Jensen and Yasmin Harper narrowly edged out the pairs from Australia and Republic of Korea to take first place in the women’s 3m synchro. Jensen and Harper scored a total of 278.58 from their five dives, beating Alysha Koloi and Kate Rosman of Australia by just six points, with the Aussie pair scoring 272.49. Kim Suji / Cho Eunbi of Korea scored 272.22 points.

Korea took gold in both mixed events with Kim Suji / Woo Haram (287.52) for the 3m event and Cho Eunbi / Kim Yeongnam in the 10m (290.10)

Republic of Korea finished as the top nation with 5 golds, followed by China with 3, and Great Britain and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea with 1 gold each.

The 2017 circuit of the Grand Prix concludes next weekend in Gold Coast, Australia.

Medallists in Singapore (all detailed results)

3m - 1. Kim Yeongnam (KOR) 474.70; 2. Liu Chengming (CHN) 470.25; 3. Peng Jianfeng (CHN) 466.60
10m - 1. Tai Xiaohu (CHN) 460.45; 2. Brodie Scapens (AUS) 438.20; 3. Kyle Kothari (GBR) 413.95
3m synchro - 1. Kim Yeongnam / Woo Haram (KOR) 438.18; 2. Evgenii Novoselov / Viacheslav Novoselov (RUS) 396.90; 3. Timothy Han Kuan Lee / Mark Han Ming Lee (SGP) 366.00
10m synchro - 1. Kim Yeongnam / Woo haram (KOR) 381.27; 2. Vadim Kaptur / Artsiom Barouski (BLR) 376.17; 3. Oleg Serbin / Yevhen Naumenko (UKR) 347.58

3m - 1. Chen Yiwen (CHN) 368.35; 2. Wang Han (CHN) 363.90; 3. Kim Suji (KOR) 322.35
10m - 1. Zhang Jiaqi (CHN) 400.75; 2. Kim Mi Hwa (PRK) 348.70; 3. Kim Kwang Hui (PRK) 290.95
3m synchro - 1. Scarlett Mew Jensen / Yasmin Harper (GBR) 278.58; 2. Alysha Koloi / Kate Rosman (AUS) 272.49; 3. Kim Suji / Cho Eunbi (KOR) 272.22
10m synchro - 1. Kim Kwang Hui / Kim Mi Hwa (PRK) 311.94; 2. Kim Suji / Cho Eunbi (KOR) 298.71; 3. Eden Cheng / Emily Martin (GBR) 250.62

3m - 1. Kim Suji / Woo Haram (KOR) 287.52; 2. Scarlett Mew Jensen / Kyle Kothari (GBR) 275.04; 3. German Stroev / Ekaterina Nekrasova 257.79
10m - 1. Cho Eunbi / Kim Yeongnam (KOR) 290.10; 2. Eden Cheng / Kyle Kothari (GBR) 274.26

Diving Grand Prix 2017 calendar

1. Rostock (GER): February 24-26
2. Gatineau (CAN): April 6-9
3. San Juan (PUR): May 4-7
4. Madrid (ESP): May 26-28
5. Bolzano (ITA): July 5-7
6. Kuala Lumpur (MAS): October 26-29
7. Singapore (SGP): November 2-5
8. Gold Coast (AUS): November 9-11