In its last Bureau Meeting held in December 2017 in Sanya (CHN), FINA unanimously approved a new programme directly aimed at supporting its National Federations, through the distribution of up to 70% of the IOC TV revenue share. This project represents an approximate quadrennial budget of over US$ 21M, which directly assist the FINA Member Federations in their development activities.

Entitled the “FINA Olympic Aquatics Support Programme”, the budget distributed under this project comes as an addition to the amount already available through the FINA Development Programme – support for the participation in FINA events and prize money - and will be given on an equal share basis (up to US$ 25,000 each year for specific projects). The objective of this initiative is to enable the FINA National Member Federations to develop, strengthen and fine tune their activities in all forms, including all Aquatic Disciplines in the pursuit of improving the organisation and professionalism of their operations and the sport level of their athletes.

FINA Clinic in Ecuador

Only National Federations that take part in the FINA World Championships, FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) or FINA World Junior Championships are eligible for the programme and projects considered are:

  • construction, refurbishment or maintenance of facilities;
  • purchase or hire of sports material equipment;
  • administration fees;
  • technology resources (website, online ranking, database);
  • technical support;
  • preparation and training of athletes, coaches and officials;
  • staging and participation at national and continental competitions;
  • talent-identification programmes.

 A FINA dedicated Commission will carefully assess and approve the respective projects and proposals submitted by the National Federations.

Swimming Clinic in Papua New Guinea

FINA President Dr Julio C. Maglione said: “Considering the top position of FINA in the Olympic Movement, and the decisive contribution and support of our Members to this achievement, we think it’s fair to create a dedicated programme to support their activities and development in the five continents.”