Courses for Technical Officials 

Programme description

World Aquatics Courses for Technical Officials aim at promoting sports growth by offering a universal and standardized training and certification system for Technical Officials in all six disciplines.


  • To promote sports growth by offering a continuous learning pathway for the Technical Officials, providing and setting the necessary competencies to become eligible to officiate at the World Aquatics Events.
  • To ensure that all the participants have access to the same information, guidelines and interpretation of the World Aquatics Rules, enhancing their knowledge and creating a uniform pattern of interpretation and application of the rules.
  • To provide an opportunity for Technical Official receive World Aquatics certification and become eligible to enter the World Aquatics Technical Officials’ lists and officiate at World Aquatics events.

Courses for Technical Officials are developed based on the needs of each sport. Technical Officials entering the course must have experience in officiating, pertain strong social skills and have a good knowledge of the sport.


  • Swimming Development Level 1 Course for Technical Officials
  • Swimming Development Level 2 Course for Technical Officials

Open Water Swimming:

  • Open Water Swimming Development Course for Technical Officials
  • Open Water Swimming Certification Course for Technical Officials

Artistic Swimming: 

  • Artistic Swimming Development Courses for Judges:

- Artistic Swimming Beginners Course

- Artistic Swimming Intermediate Course

- Artistic Swimming Advanced Course

  • Artistic Swimming Certification Course for Judges


  • Diving Development Course for Judges
  • Diving Certification Course for Judges

Water Polo:

  • Water Polo Development Course for Referees
  • Water Polo Certification Course for Referees

High Diving:

  • High Diving Certification Course for Judges

2023 Courses for Technical Officials

2023 Pathways are currently Under Review 


How many courses for Technical Officials World Aquatics organises per year?

80 courses in 6 sports will take place in 2023

How can a World Aquatics Member apply to host a course?

At the end of each year World Aquatics Development Unit opens an application process to the World Aquatics Members. The process is communicated directly to Members and done online.

Who can attend the Course for Technical Officials?

Experienced Technical Officials, who want to improve their knowledge and skills and aspire to become International Technical Officials. World Aquatics Members are responsible to nominate Technical Officials on World Aquatics General Management System. 

How to register to attend World Aquatics Course for Technical Officials?

Please contact your National Federation in order to get registered in one of World Aquatics courses. Only National Federations are entitled to nominate their Technical Officials via World Aquatics General Management System. There are eligibility requirements put in place depending on the sport. Please find all the requirements in Technical Officials’ Pathways.

How many days does a course last?

The duration of the courses depends on the sport: usually it takes from 2 to 3 days

Is there any fee to attend the World Aquatics Courses for Technical Officials?

All World Aquatics Courses for Technical Officials are free of charge for the participants Although please consider that the participants or Federations have to cover their travel and accommodation costs.

If there a fee for Member Federations to host the Course for Technical Officials?

World Aquatics covers the costs of the Lecturer and also provides financial event organisation assistance to the World Aquatics Member hosting the course.