• National Federations

  • World Aquatics Support Programme

Dedicated to advancing aquatics globally, the World Aquatics Support Programme is a cornerstone for development of World Aquatics Members. Through targeted financial support, the Programme aims to elevate the development of aquatics at the National Federation level. It empowers World Aquatics Members to initiate projects that enhance competition management, administration and governance practices, purchase of equipment, fund participation at competitions and training. The Programme embraces the diversity of aquatic sports, fostering an environment where each sport can flourish.


  1. Support the development of World Aquatics Members 
  2. Provide financial support to World Aquatics Members for the development and enhancement of aquatic sports across all levels and demographics
  3. Ensure World Aquatics Members uphold and prioritise good governance standards to improve their efficiency, transparency, and independence

In order to be eligible to take part in the programme, World Aquatics Members have to meet 3 conditions: 

  1. National Federation participated in at least one of the two latest World Aquatics Championships or Swimming World Championships (25m)
  2. Successfully finalised previous OASP & AQUASP editions
  3. Answered the latest Governance Survey until the provided deadline
  • Mentorship Programme

The World Aquatics Mentorship programme is designed to serve the development of World Aquatics Members seeking to advance their good governance, efficient administration and effective leadership. 
10 Member Federations representing all 5 continents come together for 6 months to advance their governance and create long term strategies for the development of Aquatics in their countries.
The six-month programme is founded on a framework of cooperative learning among participants, supplemented by personalized expert guidance and structured group sessions aimed at introducing a diverse range of topics and concepts.


  1. Facilitate growth and development of the World Aquatics Members by supporting the development of their strategic plans
  2. Aid World Aquatics Members in improving their governance practices
  3. Create an environment for National Federations to share their experiences and practices
  • Pools for All Programme

World Aquatics is committed to fostering the global development of aquatics, striving to ensure that individuals worldwide have secure and safe access to environments where they can not only learn how to swim but also engage in various aquatic activities.

Drowning is the third leading cause of death worldwide, underscoring the critical importance of our mission.

Our focus extends to countries lacking the necessary technical and logistical infrastructure for aquatics development, aiming to bridge these gaps and empower communities worldwide.

Under the World Aquatics initiative, the "Pools for All" program has been established with the following objectives:

  1. Providing Accessible Pools: We aim to provide pools to World Aquatics Members that currently lack swimming facilities, ensuring that individuals in these regions have equitable access to learn and participate in aquatic activities.
  2. Long-Term Development Plans: We understand that sustainable progress requires more than just infrastructure. Therefore, we actively engage relevant countries and communities in crafting comprehensive, long-term development plans for swimming and aquatic sports. These plans are tailored to the unique needs and challenges of each country, fostering a culture of aquatic participation and safety.
  3. Swim for All Programme: Central to our mission is the implementation of the Swim for All Programme. This program goes beyond mere instruction, emphasizing the importance of swimming as a lifelong skill and promoting its benefits for health, recreation, and safety.

Through this initiative, we aim to cultivate a global community that embraces aquatics as an essential aspect of healthy living and enjoyment.

By addressing the pressing issue of drowning and providing access to aquatic facilities and education, World Aquatics is dedicated to creating a safer, healthier, and more inclusive world for all.

    • Continental Organisations

  • Continental Support Programme

Dedicated to advancing aquatics movement, the Continental Support Programme aims to elevate the standards of the aquatics’ community within continents. Through targeted support, it empowers Continental Organisations to initiate projects specific to the needs of the continent, that enhance administration, governance, training and education, competition organisation, communication and other areas of aquatic sports’ development.

In addition to the projects-based support, the Continental Support Programme provides financial assistance to the organisation of selected number of continental competitions. This strategic initiative further strengthens the competitive landscape of aquatics sports by offering targeted assistance for events that showcase the talents and skills of athletes on a continental stage.


  1. Promote growth by supporting development activities of the Continental Organisations.
  2. Support the Continental Organizations in hosting successful aquatics events.
  3. Raise the standards of the continental bodies and become better organizations for the development of athletes and aquatics sports