Athletes’ Entourage

Athletes’ Entourage is an essential part of the Aquatics Community. Supporting, developing, nurturing and guiding athletes lies at the heart of Aquatics. Coaches and Technical Officials ensure, that athletes train and compete in safe and professional environments, where values of fair play, respect and excellence are a top priority.

Education for Coaches and Officials is an important part of the World Aquatics Development Programmes.

Technical Officials

The World Aquatics Courses for Technical Officials represent a cornerstone of promoting sports growth by establishing a universal and standardized training and certification system across all six Aquatics Sports.

Courses for Technical Officials are developed and tailored to the specific needs of each Aquatics sport. Those who embark on these courses are expected to bring a wealth of experience in officiating, possess strong social skills, and possess a deep knowledge of their respective sports. In this way, Technical Officials are not only well-prepared individuals but also dedicated stewards of the sport, ensuring that Aquatics competitions are conducted with the utmost professionalism and integrity, thereby enhancing the overall quality and reputation of aquatic sports worldwide.

Technical Officials education is divided into two parts: development and certification courses. Development courses are offered for Technical Officials with local and national experience, whereas certification courses target Technical Officials who are aiming working in international and World Aquatics events.


  1. To promote sports growth by offering a continuous learning pathway for the Technical Officials, providing and setting the necessary competencies to become eligible to officiate at the World Aquatics Events;
  2. To ensure that all the participants have access to the same information, guidelines and interpretation of the World Aquatics Rules, enhancing their knowledge and creating a uniform pattern of interpretation and application of the rules;
  3. To provide an opportunity for Technical Official receive World Aquatics certification and become eligible to enter the World Aquatics Technical Officials’ lists and officiate at World Aquatics events.

2024 World Aquatics courses for Technical Officials


Coaches’ education is organised through two types of programmes: Clinics for coaches (organised in cooperation with Continental Organisations) and Coaches Certification Courses.

Coaches Certification Courses are currently offered for Swimming coaches (Level 1, 2 and 3) and Artistic Swimming coaches (Level 1), whereas Artistic Swimming Level 2 course is under development.

  • Coaches Certification Programmes

Coaches are the guiding forces behind an athlete's journey, providing them with the knowledge, guidance, and motivation needed to excel in their sport. By offering Aquatics coaches worldwide the chance to enhance their skills, the World Aquatics Coaches Certification programme not only invests in the growth of individual coaches but also contributes to the overall development of Aquatics standards on a global scale. Through rigorous training, up-to-date techniques, and exposure to best practices, certified coaches can effectively nurture athletes, helping them unlock their full potential.

The Coaches Certification programme serves as a pivotal component within the World Aquatics Development Programme, aiming not only to bolster the skills and competencies of Aquatics coaches globally but also to grant them the recognition of becoming World Aquatics certified coaches.


  1. Promote sports’ growth by offering continuous learning pathways for coaches;
  2. Identify and develop necessary competencies for aquatics coaches;
  3. Develop and educate aquatics coaches for the advancement of the sport;

2024 World Aquatics courses for Coaches:

  • Clinics for Coaches

The Clinics for Coaches initiative stands as a cornerstone in the longstanding World Aquatics Development Programme, strategically crafted to enhance the competencies, knowledge, and experience of coaches on a global scale. This programme is a testament to the commitment of the World Aquatics community to coach development, fostering excellence in coaching across diverse aquatic sports. In collaboration with Continental Organisations, clinics serve as vital platforms for knowledge exchange and skill enhancement. Notably, the program extends its reach across Aquatics sports.


  1. Develop coaches’ skills in order to improve their coaching practice and athlete training methodologies.
  2. Offer technical training for coaches in all six aquatics disciplines.