Serving as Japan’s gateway for exchanges with the rest of Asia for the past 2,000 years, Fukuoka has achieved some astounding developments. Throughout its long history as an international exchange hub, Fukuoka has adopted various aspects of foreign cultures while fostering its own unique culture characterised by vibrant festivals (the most famous being the Hakata Gion YamakasaFestival), rich traditions, and an enthusiastic and passionate local community. Check the below video to have a glimpse of the city's culture, festival and tourist attractions.


Fukuoka currently boasts the highest population growth rate and proportion of young people in Japan. The city has committed itself to supporting startup businesses and was designated as the National Strategic Special Zone for Global Startups & Job Creation in 2014 gaining attention as one of the most energetic major cities.The undeniable appeal of Fukuoka includes fantastic transportation connectivity with other countries and urban functions that are conveniently concentrated into a compact area; indeed, the ease of access between the airport and the city centre is ranked as one of the best among major global cities.

Moreover, despite being a large city, it is blessed with an abundance of nature as can be seen in its coasts, mountains and other natural features. The city also boasts an amazing assortment of delicious cuisine, such as fresh seafood, Hakata ramen noodles and mizutakichicken hot pot. Fukuoka is truly alluring in so many ways.