On 30 June, 7 July, 12 July, 12 August, 1 September and 17 September 2019, doping controls were conducted on the swimmer Mauricio Fiol Villanueva (PER). In each case, the athlete was tested positive to the substance Stonozolol (Class S1.1A Exogenous Anabolic   Androgenic Steroids).

According to the decision of the FINA Doping Panel, Mr. Mauricio Fiol Villanueva has been found to have committed an anti-doping rule violation under FINA DC Rule 2.1 – presence of prohibited substance in an athlete’s sample. As this was his second anti-doping rule violation, he has been sanctioned with an (8) eight-year ineligibility period commencing on 3 August 2019, and ending at the conclusion of 2 August 2027.